ScotRail Turbostar (UK)

A ScotRail Turbostar train has arrived in Dundee A ScotRail Turbostar train has arrived in Dundee

A ScotRail Turbostar train has arrived in Dundee

Externally these Turbostar trains can resemble trains used for shorter-distance commuter routes, but internally the seating layout is comparatively generously spaced - though on these trains, First Class is particularly spacious in comparison to standard class.
Though many of these trains only convey Standard Class seats.

A catering trolley with hot/cold drinks, snacks and sandwiches available is taken through the train, so both First and Standard Class travellers will receive an at-seat catering service.

First Class ticket holders will be given a complimentary hot/cold drink and some Scottish shortbread – guaranteed to enhance any journey.

One the longer distance routes* that these trains are used on:

(1) Edinburgh – Kirkcaldy – Leuchars (for St Andrews) – Dundee – Arbroath – Montrose – Stonehaven – Aberdeen
(2) Edinburgh – Kirkcaldy – Perth – Pitlochry – Aviemore – Inverness
(3) Glasgow Queen St – Stirling – Perth - Dundee – Arbroath – Montrose – Stonehaven – Aberdeen
(4) Glasgow Queen St – Stirling – Perth - Pitlochry – Aviemore – Inverness
(5) Aberdeen – Elgin – Inverness

bike spaces must be reserved in advance of boarding.

*Inter7City trains now provide most of the services on those five routes.

Seat Reservations during the Covid-19 Pandemic:

Seat reservations are usually available on journeys on these five routes listed above and are typically automatically assigned when booking Advance Tickets, but this system has had to be temporarily suspended due to the pandemic.

The most pertinent information on the ScotRail Covid 19 information page is as follows:

'While we continue to move through the various stages of lockdown restrictions easing, ScotRail is not able to offer customers an allocated seat on reservable services.

This is only a temporary measure and we plan to reintroduce allocated seats as soon as we can do so safely. In the meantime, we are asking customers to take personal responsibility and maintain a safe physical distance from each other when making necessary journeys'

Bistro (Hot Food)
Bar (Cold Food)
Double Deck
High Speed

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