Southeastern Javelin (UK)

These ‘Javelin’ services travel at 225 km/h  (140 mph) on the high speed line between London and Kent, which they share with international Eurostar services, hence the branding they carry of ‘Britain’s fastest train’.

In common with the majority of trains which operate between London and south-east England, these trains were designed to accommodate both commuters and leisure travellers, so they lack some of the features typically found on long-distance express trains, such as on-board catering facilities and First Class seating.

But due to the comparatively short transit times, the high speed London <> Ashford journey typically takes only 39 minutes, that won’t be an issue.
What matters more is the speed and reliability, as these Javelin services don’t have to share the route between London and Ashford with slower trains.

In common with trains on other ‘commuter routes’ to/from London, seat reservations aren’t available, but ShowMeTheJourney is a regular user of these trains outside business hours and we have yet to board a departure at St Pancras on which seats weren’t available.

Though to maximise your chances of finding a seat, being at St Pancras International station ready to board with a ticket in hand, a minimum of 10 minutes before departure, can be a good idea.
When heading to London, if need be, walk through the train to find unoccupied seats – the coaches on services to London tend to be less busy towards the rear of the train.

Priority seating marked by a letter ‘P’ is available by the doors for travellers who require a seat, so other passengers are requested to sit elsewhere.

The Southeastern railway Wi-fi portal is both free to use and easy to access, though connectivity is not available in the lengthy tunnels between London and Ebbsfleet. The portal tends to be very reliable on the other sections of the route.
The power-sockets are under each set of seats.

Each coach on these trains has luggage racks by the doors, so if you see space on the rack, take advantage of it when boarding and then look for a seat.
More information regarding travelling with luggage.

Non-folding bicycles can be taken on any departure, except for services on Monday to Friday working days which arrive in London between 07:00 and 10:00 and depart from London between 16:00 and 19:00 – more information is available here.

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