French rail operator SNCF has now divided its high speed TGV services into two categories.

(1) Standard TGV services = inOui
(2) These low cost TGV services = Ouigo 

These Ouigo train are no-frills TGV services which use the same high speed lines as the standard (inOui) TGV services

In contrast to inOui services, Ouigo trains:

(i) are 2nd class only,
(ii) have no catering facilities available,
(iii) have no Wi-Fi etc,
(iv) don't permit bikes on board,
(v) require pre-booking for pushchairs/strollers,
(vi) have more restrictive ticket booking options - see below
(vii) operate much less frequently
(viii) have a different boarding procedure

If you will be travelling by Ouigo train you are requested to be at the station 30 mins before departure as all travellers need to pass through Ouigo reception.

You need to have passed through Ouigo reception a minimum of 5 mins before departure.

Though in practice the Ouigo reception can open only around 10mins before departure, leading to a frantic scramble pre-boarding.

The other core difference with inOui services is that Ouigo services don't generally use stations in central Paris.
Instead they tend to depart from stations on the outskirts of the city.

You have to travel between these stations and central Paris by RER trains (see below).

Ouigo Routes:

Marne la Vallée - Lyon St Exupery (Lyon Airport) - Valence TGV - Nimes - Montpellier

Marne la Vallée - Lyon St Exupery (Lyon Airport) - Valence TGV - Avignon TGV - Aix-en-Provence TGV - Marseille 

Marne la Vallée - Lyon Part Dieu (central Lyon)

Marne la Vallée - Paris Aeroport CDG - Champagne Ardennes TGV - Lorrraine TGV - Strasbourg

Tourcoing* - Paris Aeroport CDG - Marne la Vallée - Massy TGV - Angouleme - Bordeaux

Tourcoing* - Paris Aeroport CDG - Marne la Vallée - Massy TGV - Le Mans - Nantes

Tourcoing* - Paris Aeroport CDG - Lyon Part Dieu

Paris Montparnasse (Vauguirard) - Bordeaux

Paris Montparnasse (Vauguirard) - Nantes

Paris Montparnasse (Vauguirard) - Rennes

Paris Est - Nancy

Paris Est - Strasbourg

Paris Est - Metz

*Tourcoing is connected to Lille by local trains (the Lille Metro and tram doesn't serve Tourcoing train station).

Connections from Central Paris:

Marne la Vallée is a terminus of RER Line A - avoid the trains heading to Boissy-St-Legér

Aeroport CDG is a terminus of RER Line B - avoid the trains heading to Mitry-Clare and remain on the train until it arrives at the final station Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 2 TGV 

Massy TGV is adjacent to Massy – Palaiseau station which is served by trains on RER Line B heading to Saint Rémy and trains on Line C that terminate at Massy – Palaiseau .
Avoid the Line B trains heading to Robinson.

Paris Montparnasse (Vauguirard) is linked to the main Paris Montparnasse station - but it takes around 5 -10 mins to walk between the two parts of the station.


The major advantage of booking tickets for Ouigo trains is the price, as the most heavily discounted price for any Ouigo journey is only €10.

Ticket prices can be more than 4 x cheaper than standard (inOui) services on comparable routes - though be aware you won't be making a like-for-like comparison.
A Marne La Vallé - Marseille journey is not the same as a Paris Gare De Lyon - Marseille journey etc.

Tickets can be booked on the Ouigo website but it is French language only - they cannot be booked at stations.

When looking up routes served by standard In-Oui trains AND Ouigo trains on SNCF's standard booking service,Oui.SNCF -  the Ouigo departures can be compared with inOui departures on the E.U version of the site

Use the generic from and to city names when searching such as 'Paris' and 'Marseille' and not the specific station names.

However, Ouigo departures aren't included on the UK version of the Oui.SNCF website.

Tickets can be booked up to three months ahead of the travel date.

They are only available for direct end-2-end journeys by Ouigo trains and are not available for short journeys such as Marseille to Aix-en-Provence.

A flat rate price is charged for children aged 11 and under of €5 per child, except for jourrneys to/from Paris Est and Paris Montparnasse (Vauguirard) when the flat rate price is €8.

Rail Passes:

Rail passes are not valid on Ouigo trains.
Bistro (Hot Food)
Bar (Cold Food)
Double Deck
High Speed

Rail passes and reservations

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