The moernised interior at Warsaw's main rail station

Warszawa / Warsaw to Łódź / Lodz by train



From Warszawa Centralna to Łódź Fabryczna

Journey Summary

Travel Time
1hr 35min - 1hr 55min appropx
Travel Information

Departing from Warszawa/Warsaw:

These trains cross the city from east to west - so they depart first from Warszawa Wschodnia station, which is on the eastern side of the city centre.

If you will be commencing a journey in the vicinity of the old town, you can take tram line/route 13 direct from the 'Stare Miasto' stop direct to Wschodnia station.

They then call at Warszawa Centralna, the main station in the city
After departing from Warszawa Centralna these trains will then call at Warszawa Zachodnia.

So check the location of the starting point of your journey, to see which of these three stations will suit you best.

Arriving in Lodz:

Final Destination: Lodz Fabryczna

The trains will; make multiple station calls in Lodz, but the final stop, Lodz Fabryczna, is closest to the city centre.
It's also now a wonderful public transport hub for the city.

Trains operated by PKP:
Mon-Friday: = 22 x trains per day
Saturday: = 15 x trains
Sunday: = 14 x trains


Book early and save: Yes

Online bookings open: 30 days ahead of the travel date

Although, as it's a comparatively short journey from Warsaw to Lodz, it's likely that you won't save more than around the equivalent of €5s by booking in advance online

Comparing these PKP InterCity services with Polrail servives:

As will be seen on the guide to Polish train tickets, this is a route on which train Regio services managed by Polrail, provide an alternative to these IC and TLK trains.

Tickets for those Polrail services aren't discounted online, but it can be worth looking up the prices, journey times and departure times, to check how they compare with PKP's services.

Using Rail Passes:

Rail pass users will need to make reservations before boarding the IC services, but these can be booked without payment of any additional fees at a ticket desk, up to 15 mins before departure - as explained here.

However, reservations aren't required on those alternative Inter-Regio services managed by Polrail - so the best option is to check which train service will be the next to depart when you arrive at Warszawa Centralna station.

If the next train to depart is one of these IC or TLK services, and you have time to make a reservation, book one of these trains.

But if the next train to leave is an InterRegio service, then take that instead and just step on board when it arrives.

Where to book
Ticket Provider Approximate Cost

PKP Guide

On this journey

Good to Know

A choice of train services between Warszaw and Lodz:

The IC trains are generally around 15 mins faster than the TLK trains, but the difference in journey time between the IC and TLK trains can be marginal.

On this route the best option is to find a departure/arrival time and price that suits you; and not to be too concerned about which type of train service you will be travelling by.

Though as explained on our guide to travelling in Poland by train, this is a route on which Regio trains managed by Polrail, provide another alternative service.

Those Polrail trains can't be looked up or booked on the PKP InterCity website, but to save the bother of comparing the departure times and prices etc, the best option will be to simply head to the station.

Once there just book tickets for the next train to leave, irrespective of which operator is providing the service.

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