Looking down on to the spor/tracks/platforms from the Flytoget concourse at Oslo S station

Oslo to Trondheim by train



From Oslo S to Trondheim Sentral

Journey Summary

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Trondheim Sentral
Travel Time
6hr 29min - 6hr 47min
Travel Information

Final Destination: Trondheim

All trains also call at : Dombås (connect for the spectacular Rauma Line to Åndalsnes)

These daytime trains to Trondheim are usually scheduled to depart from Oslo at:
Mon to Fri only at 05:50
Daily at 08:02; 14:02
Mon to Fri and Sunday at 16:02 and 18:02.

There is also an overnight train which is usually scheduled to depart at 23:06 and arrive in Trondheim at 06:40.

If you want to connect into the daytime train from Trondheim to Bodø in the Arctic Circle you will need to take this overnight train.
The 16:02 from Oslo to Trondheim connects into the overnight train on to Bodø.

2 - 5 x trains per day


Book early and save: Yes

Online bookings open: 90 days ahead of the travel date.

Discounted 'Minipris' tickets can still be be available if you're booking only a few days ahead, but the very cheapest tickets generally sell out weeks in advance.

The cheapest/discounted tickets will sell out first on the most popular trains, so prices can vary between trains on your travel date.

Reservations are particularly recommended for this journey - rail pass users take note!

Where to book
Ticket Provider Approximate Cost
Vy from 249 NOK

On this journey

Journey Features

Scenic - YesLake views

Good to Know

These day and night trains from Oslo to Trondheim and the trains on to Bodø are now operated by SJ NORD.

This is a journey with multiple scenic highlights,

  • After departure from Eidsvoll there are views across the valley carved by the River Vorma
  • Then to the north, after the train swings across a brudge there are lake side views on the left, but what is unusual is that this waterside section of the railway has recently been constructed for higher speeds, so this is the part of the trip with a wow factor!
  • As the train arrives in Hamar it crosses a spectacular bridge
  • North of Hamar there are views there on the left when facing the direction of travel over the Mjøsa, which is the largest lake in Norway
  • Then for 20 mins (ish) south of Lillehammer there are some further views over the Mjøsa.
  • After Lillehammer the railway spends hours travellling through the valley carved by the Gudbrandsdalslågen river, with views from both sides of the train until Dombas.
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