Oslo to Myrdal by train

How to take the stunning rail journey from Oslo to Bergen

The Oslo to Bergen journey by train is fantastic, but an even more fabulous route is:
1: This journey to Myrdal
2: A ride on the Flamsbana
3. The ferry through the fjords from Flam
4. A bus to Voss
5. By train from Voss to Bergen



From Oslo S to Myrdal

Journey Summary

Travel Time
4hr 33min - 4hr 45min
Travel Information

Final Destination: Bergen

The number of daytime trains has been pleasingly increased in recent years.
These Regiontog trains are usually scheduled to depart from Oslo daily at 06:25; 08:25; 10:25 14;25 and 16:25.

5 x trains per day


Book early and save: Yes

Online bookings open: 90 days ahead of the travel date.

Discounted 'Minipris' tickets can still be be available if you're booking only a few days ahead, but the very cheapest tickets generally sell out weeks in advance.

The cheapest/discounted tickets will sell out first on the most popular trains, which are the daytime trains on this route, so prices can vary between trains on your travel date.

Reservations are particularly recommended for this journey if you will be buying tickets - during the summer window seats in Komfort class can be fully reserved weeks ahead.

If you are new to booking train tickets for Norwegian train journeys, we have produced this guide - it should help you save time and money and confusion.

Using Rail Passes on this journey:

Reservations are required on the Oslo - Bergen route, but if you will be travelling with a 1st class Eurail or InterRail pass they're free!

If you will be travelling with a 2nd class Eurail or InterRail pass, and want to travel in 2nd class they cost the equivalent of €6

However, unsually, 2nd cclass users can opt to pay a more expensive fee of the equivalent around €11 to travel in 'Komfort' class =  1st class on Regiontog trains.

These rail pass reservations can be arranged by calling the NSB international booking service on +4761051910.

If you have a 1st class pass, make this clear when calling to make reservations in 'Komfort' class, in order to avoid being charged any fees.

Rail pass users can also obtain a 30% discount on the Flaamsbana line.

Where to book
Ticket Provider Approximate Cost
Vy from 299 NOK

On this journey

Journey Features

Scenic - YesLandscape (Hills / Mountains)Lake views

Good to Know

The Oslo to Bergen railway route is one of Europe's Top 5 most fabulous train journeys, but if you take any off the first three day and leave the train at Myrdal, not only will you have experienced most of the Oslo to Bergen journey, you can also connect to another Top 5 journey - the Flaamsbana.

On the dates when it is running, you can take the incredible Flaamsbana railway, pictured above on a grey day, down to Flaam, from where you can then either:

  1. take the ferry along part of the amazing Sognefjord to Gudvangen.
    From Gudvangen you take a bus, make sure it's taking the longer route via the hotel as that route has amazing waterfall views, to Voss, where you connect with a train on to Bergen.
    That may seem complicated, but it's not, each connection is no more than steps away from the next. 
    Between Myrdal and Bergen, you'll be taking the 'Norway In a Nutshell' route, so follow the crowd!

2: Or if you take either of the first two trains of the day from Oslo, you can a take a return train back up to Myrdal in time to catch a train to Oslo, so the Flamsbana can be easily done on a day trip from the Norwegian capital by train.

Between Drammen and Honefoss #1 Between Drammen and Honefoss #1
Between Honefoss and Gol Between Honefoss and Gol
Between Gol and Geilo Between Gol and Geilo
Between Geilo and Finse #1 Between Geilo and Finse #1
Between Geilo and Finse #2 Between Geilo and Finse #2
Between Finse and Myrdal #1 Between Finse and Myrdal #1
Between Finse and Myrdal #2 Between Finse and Myrdal #2
Between Finse and Myrdal #3 Between Finse and Myrdal #3

In summary the best of the views are from the left of the train, when facing the direction of travel.
The only sections of the journey on which the best of the views are on the right are between Drammen and Honefoss, Gol and Geilo, Finse and Myrdal and the final part of the journey between Voss and Bergen.

Time your trip so that you're travelling on one of the first three trains of the day, to make the most of the jaw-dropping spectacle.

What gives this route its wow factor is the epic journey across the Hardangervidda plateau, the highest altitude travelled by European main line trains.

As can be seen in these two videos that ShowMeTheJourney filmed from the train:

Longer videos:

Shorter version; filmed further west towards Finse:

You will be crossing the plateau between Haugastøl and Mjølfjell with views stretching across a landscape above the tree line, studded with lakes and mountains.
The best views are from the left of the train on this part of the journey.

Don’t expect the high peaks that can be seen from Alpine routes, this route’s spectacle comes from a sense of other-worldliness.

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