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Passing through Ljubljana station on a train

Ljubljana (Ljubljana)

The key things worth knowing about the main railway station in Slovenia.


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The main station in Ljubljana has a convenient location - it's only a 7 - 15 minute walk from the heart of the city along the street opposite the station, look out for the statue of a man on horseback and the start of the walking route is through the gardens on the other side of it.

Ljubljana station is also beautiful, but what can be a tad confusing is that it is a station of two parts, both of which are accessed through the main terminal building.

  • Tir (track/platform) 1 is beside the main station building, but is only used by local train services.
  • Tirs (tracks/platforms) 4-12 are accessed by a passage way under the tracks, but this passage way is towards the far end of tir 1, around 300 meters from the main station building - which is the location of the station's facilities.

The international trains from and to Ljubljana typically use tirs (tracks/platforms) 8-12) and the IC trains to and from Maribor typically use tirs 6 or 7.
So when departing by international train it's a good idea to be at Ljubljana station around 15 mins prior to departure, if you already have a ticket and increase this to 45 mins if you need to buy a ticket prior to departure.
Accessing the trains, which use the more distant part of the station, from the station entrance, will take around 5 mins, but it can be useful to also allow time to check the departure info with station staff.

Good to know

Particularly pertinent info when using Ljubljana station:

  • the passage way, which leads to and from the part of the station used by all long-distance trains, only has access by stairs;
  • the pathways across the railway tracks, which can be seen in the image at the top of the page, cannot be used by passengers;
  • it can be a good idea to verify the departure info shown on the electronic screens with the staff at the international desk, but you may have to wait in line to do so;
  • the ticket machines at the station don't have English instructions and only sell tickets for journeys within Slovenia;
  • there are two staffed ticket desks, which are open daily from 05:00 to 22:00
  • international tickets and reservations can only be purchased from the international ticket deck, which has English speaking staff, but verify whether reservations are being booked for travel to stations beyond the first station call, in the neighboring country;
  • there are coin operated luggage lockers, which are reasonably priced - €5 for a large bag for 24 hrs;
  • the station has shops and places to eat - the dominant feature of the station is a branch of McDonalds;
  • the toilets don't have a charge;
  • the local buses in the city don't have access by tickets, you need to board with an Urbuna Card- and these can be purhased at the news stands/kiosks within the station.


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