The stunning architecture at Lisboa-Oriente

Lisboa-Oriente (Lisboa / Lisbon)

This guide to taking trains from the Gare do Oriente in Lisboa /Lisbon explains how to navigate this awe-inspiring location.


At a Glance


Left Luggage
Travel Information Desk
First Class Lounge
Onward Travel

Bus Station
Taxi Rank
Car Hire

Step Free
A ticket desk at Lisboa Oriente My mum in front of a ticket desk, note the lifts and escalators up to the trains
The roof at Lisboa Oriente The award winning design by architect Santiago Calatrava

Train service summary

The train services to/from Lisboa-Oriente include:

  • Alfa Pendular trains to/from Albufeira - Ferreiras, Aveiro, Braga, Coimbra, Faro and Porto
  • Intercidades trains to/from Albufeira - Ferreiras, Aveiro, Braga, Casa Branca, Coimbra, Covilha, Entroncamento, Evora, Faro, Guarda, Guimaraes, Pombal, Porto, Valenca and Villa Formosa
  • Regional trains to/from Entroncamento and Tomar
  • Urban trains to/from Sintra.

Making sense of Oriente

To help make sense of Oriente station in Lisbon, it's best to consider it as a large building, which happens to have trains coming and going on its upper level - as the the rail station is only one part of the structure.
Because Oriente isn't solely a rail station, it's also a bus station for long-distance routes, plus it's a shopping mall and it's a metro station.
Also most of the people which pass through Oriente every day aren't taking a train, as it also functions as a glorious passage way, under the railway tracks
Oriente looks as it does because it had to enable easy movement at street-level, around the shiny business and entertainment district in which it is located.

Inside the building which houses Oriente station

The building which contains Lisboa-Oriente has five levels:

Level -2 = the metro station

At the lowest level, -2 is the entrance hall for the Metro station which is on the Red line.
The escalators which lead down to the Metro station are on the western side of the building, towards the bus station.
Note that the lift/elevator is very much the short-cut between the Metro entrance hall and the rail station facilities.

Level -1 = a mall

The lower level at Lisboa Oriente Looking down towards the lower level, from the rail station area

This level is primarily a shopping area - though the coin operated left luggage lockers are down here by the main entrance down to the metro station.
In the image above, the circular lift by the street, is the elevator connection between the Metro station and the main rail station area.

Level 0 = street level

The main entrance to Oriente station in Lisbon The main entrance on the street named Avenue Dom João II

The entrances on either side of the Oriente building are on this level.
In the picture above, the rail station level is on the same level as the the white bridge which spans the image from left to right - one of multiple bridges which link the two halves of the station.

The Avenue Dom João II exit

The entrance / exit on to the street named Avenue Dom João II can seem like the main entrance as more people use it, it gives access the the shopping and dining areas, though a bridge across the road leads from level 1 into the [Centro Vasco da Gama shopping mall] - which has a food court on its roof.

Also use this exit to access the Oceanário de Lisboa and the MEO Arena.

The Rue António Mega Ferreira exit

Use this exit on to access the taxi ranks and the stands which the local buses use.

Level 1 = the rail station

The rail station level, with elevators up to the trains - and escalators out of sight to the right The rail station level, with elevators up to the trains - and escalators out of sight to the right

There is in effect a bridge above street level, which crosses the area from the Centro Vasco da Gama shopping mall on the street named Avenue Dom João II, to the long-distance bus station - which is on the other side of the Oriente complex.

The waiting area at Lisboa Oriente The waiting area by one of the escalators which lead up to the trains
Some of the ticket desks at Lisboa Oriente When I visited the open ticket desks were on the other side

This bridge passes through the main building, directly under the railway tracks, so this is where the station facilities are located - including the ticket desks, the waiting room and the First Class lounge.

Level 2 = the trains

Trains at Lisboa Oriente An Intercidades train awaits departure and a Regional train is arriving

On the top level are the four pairs of linhas (platforms/tracks) used by the trains.

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Questions answered

ShowMeTheJourney has anticipated what questions are most often asked about taking trains to and from Lisboa-Oriente and answered them below.

If you can't find the information you are seeking, you can ask a question by using the Travel Planning Service.

Is there step-free access to and from the platforms /tracks?

An escalator at Lisboa Oriente One of the escalators which links the street level to the station facilities

Yes, there are lifts / elevators on each of the pairs of platforms which connect them to the station facilities on the level below.
Other lifts/elevators provide access to and from street level and the metro.
Within the metro station there are also lifts / elevators between its booking hall and the trains.
There are also escalators which connect all levels in Lisboa-Oriente.

How to travel from and to the city centre?

Lisboa-Oriente station is some distance from Lisbon city centre as it is located in the Parque De Nascaoes business and entertainment area.

There are no direct trains between Oriente and the busiest tourist area of the city at Baixa, so the two options of making the connection are:

  1. A train to/from Santa Apolonia station and making a connection there in or out of the metro.
  2. Taking a combination of two metro trains - the Red Line and The Blue Line

The tourist heart of Lisbon is served by the metro stations at Terreiro do Paço and Baixa-Chiado and Restauradores.
These stations are all served by the Blue line of the Lisbon Metro.

By train via Santa Apolonia

This Blue Line also serves Santa Apolónia station, which is the mainline rail station closest to the tourist heart of Lisbon.
So if you will heading to and from the areas around the Blue Line stations, on a train which begins or ends its journey at Santa Apolónia, the end-to-end journey will be easier if you don't leave or join a train at Lisboa-Oriente.

All trains to and from Santa Apolónia call at Lisboa-Oriente - so there are typically three or four trains per hour which travel between the two stations and the journey time is only 8 minutes.
Hence, if you will beginning or completing a journey on a train which doesn't serve Santa Apolónia, booking to/from that station and making a connection into or out of a train at Oriente, can be the way to go.

By Metro

Oriente is served by the Red Line of the Lisbon Metro.
However, it does not serve the tourist heart of Lisboa / Lisbon.
To access the stations at Rossio and Baixa-Chiado, a connection into the Green Line is required at Alameda station - lifts / elevators are available.

How can tickets purchased for the public transport connections?

A single journey Metro ticket costs €1.80 and these can be purchased from the ticket machines which have English translation.
Oriente Metro station also has a staffed ticket desk.

If it's open it can sell the public transport passes for Lisbon, including the Navegante Occasional card.

Are there cafes or restaurants available?

There are numerous cafes within the building which houses the station facilities

Immediately to the north of the entrance to the station on the Avenue Dom João II is the Jeronymo Cafe.

On the opposite side of the station is the Restaurant Gare.

Are there left luggage facilities?

The left luggage lockers can be found on level -1 by the entrance to the Metro station.

Are car hire desks available?

There are multiple car hire desks on the bus station side of the Oriente building, turn to the right when exiting the station and head towards the Avenue Aquilino Ribeiro Machado.

Departing By Train at Lisboa Oriente

A platform number and zone letter A platform number and zone letter
A next train indicator A next train indicator

On Level 1 where the station facilities such as the ticket desks are located, on either side of the esclators which lead up to the trains, there are departure indicators, which show the destination and time of the next train from each specific linha (platform/track).
Between these escalators there are TV style monitors which show the upcoming departures.

If you want to take the lift /elevator up to the trains, you will need to take the corresponding lift to the matching pair of linhas - so check that you're taking the correct one.

Boarding AP and IC trains

The trains heading towards Coimbra, Porto and Braga all only stop for a few minutes to call at Lisboa-Oriente, because they commence their journeys at Lisboa-Santa Apolonia station.

The linhas (tracks / platforms) are divided into zones (zonas), but the departure screens don't show any info as to which coaches will occupy each zone when the train arrives.
Though on the Alfa Pendular (AP) and Intercidades (IC) trains heading north towards Coimbra and Porto, the coaches are arranged with the lowest number at the rear - and these are the 1st class coaches.
The AP trains only have six coaches and the IC trains typically have no more than eight.

The AP and IC trains heading to Faro commence their journeys at Oriente station, so when taking these trains, you can take your time and board into the closest door to your reserved seat(s).

Something else to look out for is that the large numbers 1 and 2 on the exteriors of the coaches used by the IC trains, aren't the numbers of the coaches, instead they indicate whether the coach is 1st or 2nd class.
Though the large numbers on the exteriors of the AP trains are the coach numbers.
The coach numbers on the IC trains are on smaller plagues by the doors.

Though if need be board by the nearest door and then walk through an AP or IC train to find your reserved seat(s).

Arriving By Train at Oriente

An elevator at Oriente station The elevators at Oriente are housed within these elegant rounded glass structures

Towards both ends of each of the pairs of linhas (platforms / tracks), there are sets of exits which lead down from the trains - They each comprise a lift / elevator, an escalator and a staircase.
If you will be heading to street level, the bus station, the metro or the taxi rank - it doesn't particularly matter which of these exits you take.
There are also staircases in the middle of each pair of linhas (platforms / tracks), but they are not a short-cut.
If you would prefer to not take the stairs, but will be by them when you step off a train, there are step-free alternatives available.

Onward connections

All of the exits from the linhas will take you down to the level below (level 1 ) which is where the station facilities are located.
From this level a bridge heads out of the station over the local bus stands to the bus-station.

to the taxi rank

Descend down to street level (level 0) and head towards the buses to access the taxi rank, which is to the left of the exit on Rue António Mega Ferreira - don't use the exits on to the Avenue Dom João II if you want to take a taxi

to the metro

A lift / elevator leads down from level 1 to the metro station, which is on level -2.
Though if you don't need to use it you can take multiple escalators down to level -1, which is where the entrance to the metro is located.
The Metro is towards the buses - it's at the opposite end of the Oriente building to the exit on to the Avenue Dom João II.

Travel between Oriente station and the airport

The smart and bright Aeroporto metro station The smart and bright Aeroporto metro station

Lisbon Airport is served by the Red line of the Lisboa Metro - And it is only a three-stop hop when travelling between Oriente and the station named, Aeroporto.

At Aeroporto station, lifts and escalators are available between the Metro trains and the airport terminals.

To Sintra

There are 2 - 5 'Urban' local trains per hour which link Oriente station to Sintra and the journey time is around 45 mins.

So if you will travelling between cities other than Lisbon and Sintra station, you can make the transfer at Oriente station.

Also if you will be staying in the area around Oriente and want to make a day trip to Sintra by train, there is no need to head to Rossio station in Lisbon city centre.


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