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Siena is only served by Regionale trains, so the station lacks some of the facilities typically found at more important railway stations.
The station does have a cafe, but it has no left luggage facilities - though we have seen reports suggesting that bags can be stored in the station's convenience store.

In common with many Italian stations, the access to many of the trains - all of those which depart from binari 2 to 5, is by a passage way under the tracks.
However at Siena stairs provide the only access between this passage way and binari 2 to 5

Binario 1 has step free access to and from the trains, as it is beside the main station building.

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To the town centre

Because of the local terrain Siena station is some distance from the heart of the old town area at Piazza del Campo.
The walking route, which takes 25 - 40 minutes, has a less than obvious beginning, as it initially involves heading into the modern shopping centre building, which is across the square from the station exit.
This route avoids a steep uphill walk as the station is located in a valley.
Because from the shopping centre a long escalator link in a tunnel, leads up out of the building to an exit on a street named Via Vittorio Emanuele I - turn left from the exit and follow the road.
At the end of the street go through the stone arch named Porta Camollia and on the other side is a charming passage way named Via Camollia, which (eventually) leads into the heart of the old town.

By Bus

The bus stops in front of station are for regional bus services.
The local buses which link Siena station to the old town, depart from the bus station, which is in the shopping mall on the other side of the square from the station exit.
The bus routes/lines which get closest to the Piazza del Campo are the OS3 - which typically heads to Porta Tuffi and the OS9- which will be typically heading to Via Tozzi.
Both of these routes stop at the Piazza Gramsci, but because typical buses can't penetrate the old town area, this bus stop is still a 10 - 20 min walk away from the Piazza del Campo
In effect you avoid around half the distance of the walking route from the station.
Don't forget to validate your ticket when boarding the bus.
There are minibuses which served the old town, but none of these go near the rail station.


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