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For a city that's the 13th largest in France, the main station in Toulon is comparatively small, as due to the city's distance from Paris and Lyon, less than thirty long-distance trains per day arrive and depart from the station.

The key things that are good to know about using the main station in Toulon are:

  • The ticket desk for the TGV InOui trains has limited opening hours, it doesn't seem to be open at all at weekends - so when it isn't available the ticket machines are the only option for booking last-minute tickets to travel on the TGV InOui services.
  • There is a separate ticket office for the TER services, which are branded 'Zou' - and which operate trains to Hyeres, Les Arcs, Marseille and Nice.
  • The station does not have a left luggage facility.
  • When a long-distance train is due to depart, apparently only ticket holders are permitted on the voies (platforms / tracks)
  • Voie (platform / track) A is beside the station building, so the access to and from it is very straightforward - the TGV InOui services to Paris usually depart from here.
  • Voies (platforms / track) B - E are connected to the main station building by two passage ways.
    The main passage way is in the middle of the station and the access between it and the main station hall is by a pair of escalators, but the access to and from each pair of voies, B and C, D and E, is by stairs and only one escalator - which will therefore lead down or up.

The alternative passage way therefore provides the guaranteed step-free access and it is accessed by stairs and elevators / lifts.
When departing by train turn to the right when entering the station and the ascenseur (lift / elevator) is at the far end of the corridor, which leads across the front of the station.
When arriving by train the ascenseurs and the stairs to this passage at are the western end of the station - by the front of trains which have arrived from the likes of Lyon, Marseille and Paris; and by the rear of trains which have arrived from Nice.

Image taken by Chabe01 and downloaded from Wikicommons.

To the ferry terminal

The Corsican Ferries depart from the Gare Maritime and bus line 3 (direction Mourillion) links the station to the ferry port; the buses are frequent during the day and the journey only takes 10 mins.
At Toloun rail station, ignore the signs for the Gare-routiere - the bus station.
Bus line/route 3 typically departs from a stop to the right of a garden on a roundabout, which is straight ahead from the station's main exit.
Leave the bus at the stop named 'Maybol'.


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