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The main departure hall at Gare de Nantes The main departure hall at Gare de Nantes
The voies at Gare De Nantes - the ramp up to the trains is behind the seats The voies at Gare De Nantes - the ramp up to the trains is behind the seats

Nantes station has recently benefitted from new and improved access between the trains and the station's entrance halls, the main entrance is on the north side facing the city centre, but there is also a south side 'Sud' entrance.

A new over bridge has been constructed at the west end of the station, by the front of trains which have arrived from Paris, Lille or Lyon.
This bridge is connected to the voies (platfforms/tracks) and two both entrances/exits by escalators and elevators.

It now supplements the passage way which runs beneath the middles of voies *platforms/tracks) 2-11 and on each them it is accessed by sets of stairs and a ramp.
So this passage way can provide the quickest access to and from the trains, but new bridge provides an easier step-free route for those who don't want to use the stairs, or drag luggage etc up and down ramps.

Though voie (platform/track) 1 is beside the main station building.

To the city centre:

Nantes doesn't have a Metro, but it does have a tramway and line 1 has a stop adjacent to the main (north) entrance at Nantes station - the stop is named 'Gare SNCF Nord'

When arriving by train and transferring to the tram, head to for the Nord exit.

The station isn't particularly close to the city centre - it's a 15-25 min walk away - and the simplest route is to use the Nord exit from the station, and then cross the street, turning left when you are the far side of the street and then turn left - walking into the city beside the tram tracks.

It's a three stop hop on the tram to Commerce, the closest tram stop to the city centre on line - take a tram heading in the direction of 'Francios Mitterand'.

The Château des ducs de Bretagne/Castle of The Dukes of Brittany, which now houses the Nantes History Museum is located between the station and the city centre.
It's a 10 min walk - follow the directions above, the walking route to the city centre takes you passed the chateau.


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