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What provides Nice-Ville train station with its wow factor is its beautifully preserved glass canopy over the platforms/voie, but the passenger experience at the station isn’t so impressive – for the moment.

Hence a modernisation program that’s currently underway, which will improve the access between most of the trains and the entrance.
The biggest benefit will be providing step-free access to the platforms/voies, that aren’t directly linked to the station building.

For the time being access to/from platforms/tracks/voie B-G* (from where the majority of trains will depart/arrive) is solely by steps – so awkward if you have heavy luggage etc.

There is an escalator in the main entrance hall, leading to/from the main passage under the lines, but there are no escalators giving access to/from the trains

Also for the time being, the station entrance hall is somewhat cramped, the cafés at the station are average and long queues can build up in the ticket office, particularly in the summer.
But that aside, it’s a beautiful building in which to wait for a train.

Letters are not numbers are used for the platforms/tracks/voie B-G* at Nice-Ville, but what can be confusing is that letters are also used to divide the platforms/tracks/voie into zones/repéres.

The letters used for the zones/repéres are larger than those that indicate the voies/platforms,

The departure screens will indicate in which zone specific coaches of the TGV, IC and Thello trains** will be located, so you can use the info screens to find out where you should wait for easiest access to your reserved seat.

Although most long distance trains from Nice will commence their journeys at Nice-Ville, so there is generally no rush to board the TGV, Thello or Intercités trains.

Although in common with other stations in France, the specific platform/track/voie that a train will be departing from isn’t confirmed until around 15 - 20 mins before departure – hence the entrance hall at the station often being crowded.

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