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About the station

Our guide to using Montpellier St-Roch explains what to look out for when using this station.

The station concourse is a great example of contemporary station architecture, but Montpellier-St Roch can be a frustrating station to use - particularly when arriving by train.

The station buildings are a delight and a modern light-filled concourse leads the way to the voies (tracks/platforms) B- F from the main entrance - if you arrive by car this atrium also gives access to voie A.

At Montpellier-St Roch the the voies (tracks/platforms) are distinguished by the letters A - F, and not by numbers.

When on the voies (platforms/tracks) take care not to mix these up with the letters which mark the zones (repéres).

Departing By Train:

The voies (tracks/platforms) are are at street level, so voie A is at the same level as the main 'Centre-Ville' entrances/exits from the station.

The access between the street level and voies (tracks/platforms) B-F is by using the main concourse/atrium above the tracks.

So when accessing the station by its main entrance on 
Place Auguste Gilbert, you'll need to initially ascend in the station if you want to access voies (tracks/platforms) B-F.

Having gone up a level, you'll then need to descend to take a train from voies (platforms/tracks) B - F.

Also hope for good weather if you’ll be taking a TGV from Montpellier, for quite a large percentage of their long length the voies (tracks/platforms) have no shelter at all.

In particular Repéres (zones) Y and Z are some distance from any protection from bad weather.

Arriving By Train:

There are two sets of escalators and lifts/elevators towards the middle of each voie (platform/track) - you may have to walk passed multiple staircases to reach them

For step-free access to the main 'Centre-Ville' exit, for the tram stops, from voies (platforms/tracks) B-F,  you'll need to initially ascend up to the main concourse and then descend from there.

So far, so good, but the problem is that most of the voies (tracks/platforms) at Montpellier-St Roch are very narrow.

This leaves tight spaces between the platform edges and the stairs/escalators.

Exiting from a busy TGV, or changing trains, can therefore be an obstacle course of avoiding other people’s luggage and a scramble for the escalators.

If you don't have luggage, or are happy to use stairs, there is a passage under the trains, which links all the voies (platform/tracks).

This passage can give the quickest access to other trains - you don't have to follow the crowds up to the upper level in the station.

Thanks to Andy for taking the images above.

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