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Zagreb, (Croatia)

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About the station

Six things worth knowing if you will be using Zagreb Glavni kolodvor railway station:

(1) Using the main electronic departure screen that is in the station entrance hall can be confusing, because the track/platform info will have two numbers.
The number on left is the platform number and the number on the right is the track number - at Croatian stations these numbers are different

However, if you're not used to the system (we weren't and got very confused) the trick to working out where your train will be leaving from, is to hone in on the platform number - which is the number on the left.
You don't have to worry about the track numbers, when you're trying to find your train from the main station building.

Then once you are on the platform, you can use the track number to find your train - but don't be overy concerned about this, it's not a particularly large station.

Only platforms (perons) 2 and 3 have separate tracks.
The track info on the departure screens is similar to how some platforms in other countries are differentiated by 'a' or 'b' etc.
So the track info is in effect telling you to wait in the middle, or at either end of these two platforms.

(2) The platform / person numbers on the paper departure sheets can differ to those on the electronic departure board, and if they do, it is the number on the electronic departure board that will be correct.

(3) You may see some old departure posters around the station that show the departure times, platforms/tracks and formations of the international trains.
If they look old then ignore them, as they have outdated information.

(4) As you head from the departure hall to the tracks/platforms you will exit the departure hall on to platform 1.
Turn right and walk along platform 1 to access platforms 4 and 5.
Turn left and walk along track 1 to access platform 6.
So platforms 1, 4, 5 and 6 have step free access from the street.

You need go down the stairs and use the subway to access platforms 2 and 3, these platforms have no escalator or lift access.

 (5) The traveller facilities at the station are comparatively limited,
There is no left luggage office or info desk and few food/drink outlets, aside from an excellent value snack bar on the main concourse – so good that it’s popular with commuters and lengthy queues can build up.

(6) For all of the reasons above, allow more time than you think you will need to catch a train.
We arrived at the station 15 mins before our train was due to depart, thinking 'it’s a comparatively small station so that will be fine'.
Then had to abandon the slow moving coffee queue, got confused by the departure board, initially couldn’t work out where track 4 was and nearly missed the train – and we weren’t the only ones.

To the city centre:

If you don’t have heavy luggage etc, it’s an easy and very pleasant 12-15 min walk to the main city square in the heart of Zagreb.
Simply exit the station and walk straight ahead of you, keeping the gardens on your left.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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City Info

Zagreb Glavni kolodovor station is on the southern edge of the city centre, but the area between the station and the main city square is one of the smartest parts of town.

Aside from apartments, there are few mid-range (3*) accommodation options within walking distance of Zagreb Glavni kolodovor, but there is luxury accommodation within a stone’s throw of the station.
In contrast what really stands out in Zagreb is the plethora of quality hostels near the main station, so if you’re on a budget you should have few problems finding accommodation.

Esplanade Hotel

Best Western Premier Astoria

Palace Hotel Zagreb

Arcotel Allegra Zagreb

Fotic B&B

Palmers Lodge Hostel

Temza Hostel

Chic Hostel

Old Lab Hostel

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