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About the station

Geneve train station has something of a split personality as it used by Swiss (SBB) and French (SNCF) trains.

French timetables and info sites tend to refer to the station as Geneve-Cornavin (it is not the only station in the city used by SNCF trains).

However the station is usually simply named ‘Genéve’ on timetables and other signage on the Swiss rail network.
The signs on the platforms/voie say ‘Geneve’.


The station also has a split personality depending on which entrance/exit you use.

As you look towards the station from the tram stops and taxi rank there are two entrances to the station:

(i) the West (left) departure hall 
(ii) the East (right) departure hall.

A passage/corridor links the two departure halls and this is where the main ticket/reservation office is located.

Using the West (left) departure hall:

The main (left) entrance leads you into a stunningly preserved art deco entrance hall.

Straight ahead from this hall is a passage way that provides access by stairs and lifts to platforms/tracks/voies 1 -6 (but NOT 7-8)

This passage way also has escalators to platforms/tracks/voie 2 and 3 (which are the platform tracks that SBB's express IC trains normally use)

Using the East (right) departure hall:

This is a more modern departure hall where most of the food/drink/retail outlets are located.

This departure hall has escalators that lead up to the east passage way which gives access to ALL of the platforms/tracks/voie at the station.

The access to platforms/tracks/voies 1 -6 from this passage way is by slopes and stairs.

So if you would prefer or need to use lifts/escalators to access the trains that will depart from platforms/tracks/voies 1 -6 don't use this passage way and instead use the West wing of the station.

If you have used this east entrance, turn to the left when you're in the station, walk passed the ticket office and then turn to the right.

Taking a train to France:

Trains to France depart from voies/tracks platforms 7 and 8 - the Lyria trains to Paris usually depart from voie/platform 8.

So to access these voies/platforms/tracks you have to use the East (right) departure hall and passage way.

At the end of this east passage way is a lift and a slope up to the trains.

To access these voies/platforms/tracks 7-8, you may have to pass through passport control.

So aim to be at the station a minimum of 15 mins prior to departure if you will be taking a Lyria train.

Arriving by train at platforms/tracks/voies 1- 6 (the SBB station):

There are two routes to the exits and the other platforms/tracks/voies in this part of the station.

If you don't have luggage etc use whatever exit down from the voie/platform/track is nearest to you when you step off of the train.

Both of the two routes to the exits give good access to the tram stops, taxi rank and the city centre.

However, if you do have luggage etc then don't follow the crowds.

If you have arrived on an IC or IR train from other cities in Switzerland - then the west passage way will be towards the front of the train.

This West passage way can be accessed by lifts (and escalators if your train has arrived at voies/platforms/tracks 2-3).

The East passage way will be towards the rear of the train and it can only be accessed by a slope and stairs.

However, if you will be connecting into a TER or Lyria train to France, by far the quickest route to those trains (which will be departing from voies/platforms/tracks 7 - 8) is to use the East passage way. 

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