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About the station

This guide to taking trains to and from Bari Centrale explains how to navigate the station, how to make the transfer in Bari between the station and the ferry port - and how to use the network of local trains, including the trains to and from Bari airport.

Bari Centrale is an enormous and impressive station, which has benefitted from a relatively recent modernisation - which has also made the station easier to use, particularly for those who require step-free access to and from the trains.

Four Things Worth Knowing About Bari Centrale Station

(1) Binario (track/platform) 1 is beside the main station buildings, which lead to/from the main entrance.

(2) The left luggage office is at the far (western) end of binario (track/platform 1) - turn to the left when stepping on to this track/platform from the main hall - and keep going.
There are no lockers, bags have to be deposited and collected from the staff, so you can only use this facility during its opening hours - which SHOULD be 08:00 - 20:00.

(3) The access between the main station hall and binari (platforms/tracks) 3-10 is by two passage ways, which run under the railway lines.
Neither passage way has escalator access, but the Ovest (West) passage way, which is to the right in the main station hall (as you face the trains) does have elevators.

So if your train arrives at and binari (platforms/tracks) 3-10, you don’t have to use the stairs - though you may have to walk some distance passed a set of steps, in order to reach the elevator.
The elevator will be towards the front of trains which have arrived from the north or Roma.

The Sottopassaggio, which is to the left of the main station hall (when entering the station from the street), can only be accessed by steps.

(4) Some trains, mainly the Regionale trains heading north towards Barletta and Foggia, depart from a specific part of the station named the Piazzale Ovest.
On the departure screens, if you see ‘1 Ovest’ or ‘3 Ovest’ etc as the binario (platform/track) number, then you need to follow the signs to this part of the station.
This Piazzale Ovest is towards the west end of binario 1 - but it is clearly signposted.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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