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About the station

Our guide to using the main railway station in Naples/Napoli explains how to navigate the station and how to travel on to Pompeii, Sorrento and Herculaneum.

Worth Knowing About Napoli Centrale - the main railway station in Naples:

(1) Napoli Centrale train station has been transformed for the better in recent years.
It has been rebuilt with a bright and airy central passage way, which runs beneath the station to give access to the Metro and local Circumvesuviana trains.

(2) Access between the main platforms/binario and the taxi rank and exits/entrances to the street is on one level - so is step free.
When arriving by train, the only option for exiting the station is to walk ahead on to the main concourse.

(3) The square immediately in front of Napoli Centrale station, the Piazza Garibaldi had been a magnet for aggressive beggars, pick-pockets and other unsavoury characters.
However, part of it has been transformed into a highly impressive new transport interchange, as Line 1 of the Naples Metro is now directly linked to Napoli Centrale station.
The remainder of Piazza Garibaldi seems to be a near permanent building site, behind which are the closest tram stops to the station.

(4) Trenitalia does not operate most of the local trains in Napoli and its surrounding area.

The trains that connect Napoli with Herculaneum, the Pompeii ruins and Sorrento take line L1 on a local rail system managed by a company named Eav - they are also known as 'Circumvesuviana' trains.

(5) Something to watch out for is that some of the local/commuter main line trains to/from Napoli use a separate part of the station named Piazza Garibaldi.

The station that the Circumvesuviana trains call at, which is adjacent to Napoli Centrale, is also called Piazza Garibaldi.
Therefore  many maps and guides for the city use 'Piazza Garibaldi' as the station name instead of Napoli Centrale - so if you see Piazza Garibaldi, then you've found the location of the city's main station.

Both of these Piazza Garibaldi stations are accessed from the passage way that runs beneath the main Centrale station, but the signage is excellent so you shouldn't confuse the two!
So if you will be making the transfer to the Circumvesuviana trains, the station those trains use isn’t hard to find.

(6) Garibaldi is also usually used as the name of Napoli Centrale station on Public Transport Maps and Journey Planners.
Garibaldi/Piazza Garibaldi = Napoli Centrale.

(7) The extension of the Metro Line 1 to Napoli Centrale has hugely improved access between the station and the city centre
The majority of the main tourist sights are less than 5 mins walk from a Metro Stop.
Toldeo is the closest station to the heart of the city.
Municipo is the closest station to the ferry terminals.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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