By Train from Madrid (Spain) to Paris (France)

Journey Summary

Depart Madrid (Spain)

Madrid Atocha/Puerta De Atocha

Arrive Paris (France)

Paris Gare de Lyon/Paris Lyon
Journey Time
from 9hr 26min
Changing trains in: Barcelona

There are no direct day or night trains between Madrid and Paris, so depending on your travel date and time, there are up to three options for making a train journey from the Spanish capital to the French capital.


Option 1:

Take the 10:30 AVE train from Madrid and then on arrival in Barcelona Sants station you'll have 45 mins to make the connection into the 14:00 train on to Paris.

Making this connection shouldn't be a problem, the AVE train will very rarely arrive more than 30 mins late into Barcelona.

Though if you make this journey until May 28th and after Aug 31st, you will be connecting into the final train of the day from Barcelona on to Paris.

You can increase your chances of making the connection if you take an earlier AVE train from Madrid - but if you do so you will have to book separate tickets per journey, doing so will be more expensive.


Option 2:

From May 29th to August 30th there will be an option of departing Madrid at 12:30 (or sooner) to connect into a train to Paris, which will be departing Barcelona at 14:00.


Option 3:

When travelling on Monday - Thursday the ticket agents can offer an end-to-end journey which involves departing Madrid at 07:20 and arriving in Paris at around 16:46.

However, this journey option is dependent on making a 20min connection in Barcelona Sants station.
No matter what train you take from Madrid, you MAY have to pass through the ticket and luggage checks in Barcelona - despite already having passed through these checks in Madrid.
So making this transfer in time can be something of a race against the clock - in the event of a train delay, tickets can be transferred to the next train on to Paris, but it will be leaving until more than three hours later!

If you need or want to arrive in Paris in the early evening, then you can de-risk this connection by departing Madrid at 06:30 instead of 07:20.
Though on Mon-Thurs you may have to purchase separate tickets for each train if that would be your preference.
On Fridays this departure at 06:30 should be automatically offered as an end-to-end journey.
It isn't possible to depart Madrid in time to connect into the first train of the day from Barcelona to Paris at weekends.

Train 1

  • Depart: Madrid (Spain)
  • Arrive: Barcelona (Spain)
  • Journey time: 3hr 10min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Barcelona (Spain)
  • Arrive: Paris (France)
  • Journey time: 6hr 25min - 6hr 35min

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Ticket information

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