By Train from Genève / Geneva (Switzerland) to Mörel / Morel (for Aletsch Arena) (Switzerland)

Journey Summary

Depart Genève / Geneva (Switzerland)


Arrive Mörel / Morel (for Aletsch Arena) (Switzerland)

Journey Time
2hr 57min - 3hr 3min*
1 or 2 x connections per hour*

Change trains in: Brig

Look up this journey on SBB and most of the connections involve taking an IR train on route 90 from Geneve to Brig.

The IR trains commence their journeys at Geneve-Aeroport station.

*There is always 1 x connection per hour, but in some hours there is also an additional EC train from Geneve to Brig:

If you WON'T be commencing your journey at Geneve Aerport it can be worth targeting the connections which involve taking these EC trains - departing Geneve at 07:39; 13:39 and 18:39.

The end-2end journey if you take the EC train can be more than 30 mins faster.

However, these EC trains don't commence their journeys at Geneve-Aeroport station and the IR trains do.

Train 1

  • Depart: Genève / Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Arrive: Brig / Brigue (Switzerland)
  • Journey time: 2hr 20 min - 2hr 32min (IR trains)

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Train 2

  • Depart: Brig / Brigue (Switzerland)
  • Arrive: Mörel / Morel (for Aletsch Arena) (Switzerland)
  • Journey time: 10 min

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Ticket information

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