True MGB (Matterhorn – Gotthard Bahn)

MGB (Matterhorn – Gotthard Bahn)

The trains used by the Mattherhorn Gotthard Bahn railway

The Matterhorn – Gotthard Bahn (MGB) takes its name from the fact that it links the resort of Zermatt, at the base of the Matterhorn mountain, with the canton of Graubünden via The Oberalp Pass.



The regular MGB train services operate hourly on these routes:

1: Zermatt* – Visp
2: Zermatt* – Visp – Brig – Feisch
3: Visp – Brig – Feisch – Obenwald - Realp – Andermatt
4: Andermatt – Oberalpass – Sedrun – Disentis/Muster
5: Andermatt – Göschenen


The regular MGB train services operate hourly on these routes:

1: Zermatt* – Visp – Brig – Feisch
2: Visp – Brig – Feisch – Obenwald - Realp – Andermatt
3: Andermatt – Oberalpass – Sedrun – Disentis/Muster
4: Andermatt – Göschenen**

* Additional trains operate between the car park at Täsch station and Zermatt
** In the summer some trains operate direct between Brig and Göschenen.

Regular MGB trains don't have any on board catering facilities.

Zermatt - Disentis/Muster:

The Glacier Express is the only direct train that travels the entire MGB route in both directions, between its western extremity, Zermatt and its easternmost station at Disentis/Muster.

Therefore taking the journey the length of the MGB line by regular train between Zermatt and Disentis/Muster usually requires changes 2 x changes of train in Feisch or Brig and Andermatt.

Scenic Highlights:

Between Zermatt and Visp the trains travel along a series of valleys and there are fabulous views from either side of the train – sit on one side of the train when travelling to Zermatt and on the other when travelling back to Visp.

Views from the MGG train between Zermatt and Visp

The most spectacular part of the entire MGB network is the view of the Oberalp Pass between Andermatt and Disentis/Muster.
See at its best from the right of the trains when heading east from Andermatt to Disentis/Muster – and from the left when heading west.

Views from the MGB trains between Andermatt and Disentis


The  network of cable cars and lifts in Aletsch Arena skiing area can be most easily accessed from Mörel and Betten stations,

The Saas Fee  and  Saas Grund skiing areas have bus connections  from Visp station

The Andermatt - Gemsstock - Nätschen winter sports area has lift access from Amdermatt and Natschen stations.

The cable car that gives access to the Disentis winter sports area is a 5 - 10 min walk from Acla Da Fontauna station, the stop before Disentis on the Andermatt - Disentis/Muster trains, but there are also buses from Disentis/Muster station.


Connections are available with the national (SBB) trains at Brig*, Göschenen** and Visp.

*The MGB station at Brig is named ‘Brig Bahnhofplatz’ and it is located on the forecourt of the mainline station.

**Now that The Gotthard Base Tunnel has opened, the direct trains between Basel/Luzern/Zurich and Göschenen have been discontinued, additional connections now have to be made at Erstfeld when travelling between Basel or Zurich and Göschenen
There are still direct trains between Göschenen and Bellinzona.

At Realp station (between Brig and Andermatt) connections are available with the Furka Railway, which operates steam trains between June 25th and October 2nd, on the old MGB line between Realp and Furka.

At Zermatt, a popular resort town that can only be reached by train, passengers can connect to CGB trains, which provide amazing views of the Matterhorn.


At Disentis/Muster connections are available to trains operated by Rhätische Bahn/ Rhaetian Railway (RhB).

These RhB trains operate in both directions on a Disentis/Muster - Reichanau-Tamins – Chur – Landquart – Klosters – Scuol Tarasp route.

Connect at Reichanau-Tamins for St Moritz, connect at Klosters for Davos.


Eurail –  free travel (new)

InterRail - free travel (new)

Swiss Travel Pass - free travel

Note that Eurail passes and InterRail passes are now valid on MGB trains!

Tickets between SBB stations and MGB stations can be booked on the SBB booking service.

MGB also sells tickets online here though the ticket office staff at Visp station were exceptionally helpful!  
MGB tickets aren't discounted if you book in advance.

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