By Train from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Brugge / Bruges (Belgium)

Journey Summary

Depart Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Amsterdam Centraal / Amsterdam CS

Arrive Brugge / Bruges (Belgium)

Journey Time
3hr 17min*

up to**14 x connections per day

**The connections aren't quite 1 x per hour, but this journey option is available in most hours during the day.

*Look up this journey on the ticket agents and you will see a typical journey time of 2hrs 43 mins.

However, to reach Brugge/Bruges in that time you have to make an ambitious 7 min connection at Antwerpen-Centraal station AND make an additional change of train at Gent/Ghent/Gand.

But there are also hourly direct IC trains between Antwerpen and Brugge.

So to save ascending four levels of Antwerpen-Centraal station against the clock (the trains to Gent/Brugge depart from the top level of the station) - our suggestion is take your time and wait for the direct train to Brugge from Antwerpen.

It will have a final destination of Oostende and should be departing 36mins after the Thalys has arrived.

Your tickets will be valid either:
(i) if you take the earlier train and make another connection in Gent
(ii) or hang back and take the direct train to Brugge.

Alternative routing via Bruxelles/Brussels:

When looking up this journey on the ticket agents, you will also see journey times of around 3hr 12mins - which involve a change of train in Bruxelles/Brussels.

So faster than THIS  suggestion of changing trains at Antwerpen and taking the train direct from there to Brugge  - but also USUALLY more expensive.

Also despite the need to change levels in Antwerpen Centraal station - making the transfer between trains at Antwerpen is arguably less confusing than changing trains at Bruxelles-Midi station.

Train 1

  • Depart: Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Arrive: Antwerpen / Antwerp / Anvers (Belgium)
  • Journey time: 1hr 13min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Antwerpen / Antwerp / Anvers (Belgium)
  • Arrive: Brugge / Bruges (Belgium)
  • Journey time: 1hr 29min

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Ticket information

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