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Travel News Choice of train services on the Paris ↔ Milano Route
From Paris to Milan by Italian high speed trains

Choice of train services on the Paris ↔ Milano Route

On the Paris - Torino - Milano route there is now a choice between riding Italian high speed Frecciarossa 1000 trains or the long-established TGV trains.

| Last Updated: over 2 years ago

Two Frecciarossa 1000 trains per day in each direction have been added to the Paris ↔ Milano route via Lyon, Chambery, Modane and Torino/Turin.

Heading south they depart daily from the Gare de Lyon in Paris at:

Heading north the departures from Milano Centrale are at:

  • 06:25, from Torino Porta Susa at 07:11; arrives Paris Gare de Lyon at 13:22;
  • 15:53, from Torino Porta Susa at 16:41; arrives Paris Gare de Lyon at 22:28.

With the addition of these two departures of 'Frecce' trains operated by Trenitalia, the Paris - Torino - Milan route now has an unprecedented five trains per day in each direction, as the long-standing TGV trains services are still operating.
Though what is a tad frustrating is that the new Frecce trains have seemingly been introduced to directly compete with the TGV services, rather than offering travellers a greater choice of departure times throughout the day.
Both the morning and afternoon Frecce trains are schedule to depart from Milano within 30 minutes of a TGV departure; and the afternoon Trenitalia service leaves Paris 35 minutes after the final TGV of the day is due to depart.

Though aside from any potential differences in ticket prices, the Frecce trains do have two obvious advantages over the TGV trains:

  1. The TGV trains aren't equipped to use the high speed line between Milano and Torino, so this is a factor in their fastest Milano ↔ Paris journey times being around 30 mins slower than the fastest Frecce train, the second train of the day from Milano to Paris, which makes the end to end trip in only 6hr 35 mins.
  2. The TGV trains arrive and depart from Milano Porta Garibaldi station, but the Frecce trains use the city's main station, Milano Centrale.

Price aside, the Frecce trains are also now the obvious first choice for a Milano ↔ Lyon journey, as both of the daily trains in each direction call at the city centre station, Lyon-Part-Dieu.
The TGV services no longer call at Lyon-Part Dieu as none of the northbound services now serve the city and the the final southwards departure of the day calls at Lyon-St Exupery, which is the station that serves Lyon's airport.

Improved Connections:

Italian connections:

The fact that new Frecce services on the Milano ↔ Paris route depart from and arrive at Milano's main railway station has transformed the ease of travel by train between the French capital and multiple destinations in Italy.
That's because the overwhelming majority of the high speed Frecce services to and from Milano use Milano Centrale station, and only a tiny percentage call at Milano Porta Garibaldi, the station used by TGV trains on the Milano ↔ Paris route.

The 06:35 from Paris is due into Milano Centrale at 13:50 so connects with these other Frecce services:

  • 14:10 to Bologna, Firenze, Roma, Napoli and Salerno (the 06:47 TGV connects into this train at Torino Porta Susa)
  • 14:30 to Bologna, Roma, Salerno, Lamezia Terme, Villa S. Giovanni and Reggio di Calabria
  • 14:45 to Verona, Vicenza, Padova and Venezia/Venice.
  • 15:10 to Genova, Savona, Albenga and San Remo
    Milano Centrale also has Regionale services to Brescia, Bergamo, Parma and Modena

Though the TGV which usually departs Paris at 12:47 offers connections at Torino Porta Susa into these Frecce departures:

  • 18:50 to Brescia, Verona, Vicenza, Padova, Venezia Mestre and Trieste
  • 19:10 to Bologna, Firenze and Roma.

The 15:53 departure from Milano Centrale offers onward travel to France from these arriving Frecce trains:

  • 14:50 from Taranto (05:27), Salerno (08:46); Napoli Centrale (09:40); Roma Termini (11:10); Firenze SMN (12:55) and Bologna (13:36)
  • 14:55 from San Remo (11:20); Albenga (12:00); Savona (12:33) and Genova-Piazza Principe (13:19)
  • 15:05 Lecce (05:55); Bari (07:30); Pescara (10:10); Rimini (12:15) and Bologna (13:18)

Though alternative connections are available into the TGV trains at Torino Porta Susa:

  • On Sat/Sun the TGV which departs Torino at 13:38, has a 49min connection from a train which departs: Salerno (05:50); Napoli Centrale (06:40); Roma Termini (08:10); Firenze SMN (09:55) and Bologna (10:36).
  • On Mon-Fri the TGV which departs Torino at 15:25, has a 26min connection from a train which departs: Napoli Centrale (08:55); Roma Termini (10:25); Firenze SMN (12:10) and Bologna (12:51).
  • The TGV which departs Torino daily at 17:43, has a 54min connection from a train which departs: Napoli Centrale (10:40); Roma Termini (12:10); Firenze SMN (13:55) and Bologna (14:36).

Eurostar connections:

The 10:22 Eurostar from London St Pancras is due into Paris Gare Du Nord at 13:47 so it has an easily timed connection into a choice of trains from the Gare De Lyon to Torino and Milan; the TGV at 14:43 and the Freece train at 15:16.

Heading north the 15:13 Eurostar from the Gare Du Nord has connections from the Frecce train which is due in to Paris at 13:22, and the TGV that's scheduled to arrive at 13:50.


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