CD Railjet (Czechia/international)

Czech state railway operator CD took a look at Austria’s premium trains and clearly liked what they saw -  as it now has its own Railjets to provide the service on this route;

Prague/Praha - Pardubice - Brno - Breclav - Wien - Bruck an der Mur - Graz

As a result the train service between the Austrian and Czech capitals is now exclusively provided by Railjets, with the CD version taking care of most departures.

Internally the CD Railjets are very similar to the Austrian (OBB) Railjets - meaning that they're in the top flight of European trains, both in terms of comfort and ambience.

The luggage space is also comparatively generous so travelling by Railjet is comparatively stress free.

Boarding and Finding A Seat:

Seats don’t have to be reserved on the CD Railjets, but reservations are highly recommended - particularly in Economy class between May and October (these trains are a magnet for rail pass users)

Reservations are recommended in all parts of the train except Business Class on Friday and Sunday afternoons/evenings.

Seat reservations are marked on electronic indicators by the seat numbers – see a seat number with no text and the seat will be free for the entire journey.


The bar/bistro on Railjets sells comparatively good hot and cold food that isn’t extortionately priced, but don’t overly rely on the full range of items being available.

A full restaurant facility is available and passengers travelling with 1st or 2nd class tickets can take seats in this restaurant car.

If you’re in 1st or Business class you can order food or drink from the catering staff that will pass through the train and have it delivered to your seat – but it isn’t complimentary.

If you’re not sat at table seat, the menu should be in the pocket on the back of the seat in front of you.

Bistro (Hot Food)
Bar (Cold Food)
Double Deck
High Speed
First Class
First (Business Class also available)
Second Class

Rail passes and reservations

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Other features

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