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Exterior view - note the destinations listed above the windows Exterior view - note the destinations listed above the windows

Exterior view - note the destinations listed above the windows

Apart from the destinations listed on the exterior of the coaches, the trains used for the TGV France/Italy service are standard, modernised, single deck TGV trains.


These branded trains only operate on the one route between Paris and Milano via Lyon*, Chambery, Modane and Torino.
*not all departures serve Lyon.


A catering attendant should pass through the 1st class coaches and deliver the on-board catering menu to each passenger, who can then order any food and drink items directly from this attendant.
As is common on TGV InOui services, none of  the food/drink items are complimentary.

These trains have Wi-Fi, though don’t rely on it being available - particularly as the train makes its way through the Alps - though looking out of the window, rather than staring at a screen, is recommended for this part of the journey.

These trains also have these four things in common with other single deck TGVs:

(1) the comparatively cramped standard class seating saloons;

(2) all seats are open plan - there are no compartments on these trains;

(3) a preponderance of seats that don’t line up with windows, and;

(iv) have their main luggage racks between the door and the seating areas.

Also if you want to have a mobile phone conversation you are encouraged to do so in the vestibules of the coaches, by the exterior doors.

If you happen to be travelling in a ‘Calme’ coach – (you may not have knowingly requested this), then the conductor will ask you to move from your seat to take a call.

It won’t be particularly obvious that you are sitting in a part of the train with a ‘Calme’ atmosphere (Espace Calme) - there are no signs displayed in the coaches etc.

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Seats will automatically be assigned when booking tickets for journeys by TGV France/Italy train.

But you will be given an option to choose the location of your seat and whether you want to face forwards.

Using rail passes on TGV France/Italy trains:

The TGV France/Italy service takes the prize for the most expensive rail pass reservation fees of any daytime European train service.
They're more than 5x more expensive than the reservation fee for a TGV journey within France!

So, if you are will be using a Eurail or InterRail pass and a journey between northern Italy and Paris is on your itinerary - check the price being charged for a point-2-point journey, before booking the reservation fee.

The rail pass reservation fees for a journey in either direction between Paris and Torino/Turin or Milano are an eye-watering €89 if you have a 1st class pass - and €62 if you have a 2nd class rail pass.

Once you have factored in the average daily cost of using your Eurail or InterRail pass - taking these trains and paying the reservation fee will cost more than €100.

In contrast tickets can be booked on Voyages-SNCF and the cheapest prices = €39 1st class and €29 2nd class.
So you can save more than 60% of the reservation fee by booking point-2-point tickets and not using a Eurail or InterRail pass for this journey.

If your pass is limited to a set number of travel days, use your pass for another day of travel, such as a day trip from Paris.

You will only save money by paying the rail pass reservation fees for the TGV France/Italy trains when the discounted point-2-point tickets have sold out.
Those point-2-point tickets can be booked up to 4 months ahead of the travel date.

There are no alternative local trains that cross the border on this route.

However, if you’re prepared to undertake a longer journey, you can travel via northern Italy from Paris via Ventigmilia/Vintimille.

Local trains cross the border between Ventigmilia/Vintimille and Nice - and the reservation fees on a TGV from Nice to Paris start at €10.

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Non folding bikes must be disassembled and packed into travel cases, then presented to platform staff, who will show you where to stow it on the train.

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