EC (Metropolitan)

On this EuroCity (EC) route;

(Budapest - Vic - Brastislava - Breclav - Brno - Parduvbice) - Praha/Prague - Decin - Bad Schandau - Dresden - Berlin - Hamburg

most of the trains, those that originate or terminate in Prague/Praha, are formed of recently refurbished Czech InterCity coaches.

So they may look a tad old-fashioned from the outside, but internally they’re a great mix of old and new.

Meaning that have a sense of spaciousness that more modern trains can lack, plus they have all the amenities of brand new trains – Wi-Fi, electronic info displays and smart(ish) toilets etc.

Seat Reservations:

However, the fact that these Czech* trains are amongst the most comfortable in Europe, will be irrelevant if you haven’t got a seat – and these trains can be overcrowded, particularly in the summer, as this is a popular route for rail pass users.

So making reservations (€4) is highly recommended, particularly if you will be travelling 2nd class.

Seats won’t automatically be assigned when booking tickets for these trains online - UNLESS you book 1st class tickets on DB Bahn on journeys to/from Germany.

The Hungarian Train:

*1 x train per day on this route commences/finishes its journey in Budapest and this train is formed of Hungarian coaches.

In contrast to the Czech coaches, these Hungarian coaches haven’t been modernised so have a retro aura – with no Wi-Fi etc.

The restaurant cars:

The restaurant cars on these trains, Czech or Hungarian are good value, particularly if you can pay in Czech or Hungarian currency.

The food is a little better on the Czech trains, but the wonderful views of The Elbe river valley add a touch of magic to any meal.

However, the availability of the restaurant car won’t be announced, so you can either ask the conductor if it is open when your ticket is checked, or just go to the restaurant car and take a seat.

Bistro (Hot Food)
Bar (Cold Food)
Double Deck
High Speed

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