Caledonian Sleeper (UK)

The Caledonian Sleeper service of overnight train has been transformed as new coaches have now entered service on all routes.

The new coaches are also fully accessible.

The Accommodation:

Unusually for a European overnight train service, the new coaches convey three different types of sleeping cabin, but no accommodation that is the equivalent of a couchette.

- As the name of the service implies 'Caledonian Double' offers the opportunity to travel in a double bed, the Caledonian Sleeper is the only European overnight train service to offer this facility.

- A 'Club Room' has a similar Premier Class ambience to the 'Caledonian Double' sleeping cabin, but two bunk beds are available.
Both the Caledonian Double and Club Room cabins have en-suite showers and travellers receive a complimentary breakfast and can access the pre-boarding lounges at stations.

- The 'Classic Rooms' have two bunk beds or single beds and have a wash-basin in the cabin.

Note that no sleeping cabin on the Caledonian Sleeper service has more than two beds.
All three types of cabin offer access to Wi-Fi.

Travel in the sleeping cabins and you can access the 'Club Car' dining and bar coach.
Though passengers in Caledonian Double and Club Rooms will have priority for making reservations for the on-board restaurant service.

You can also take your pet with you if you travel in any of the sleeping cabins on payment of a £30 supplement.


The alternative to making the journey in the sleeping cabins on the new trains, is to travel in a reclining seat in the 'Comfort Seat' coach, which also offers Wi-Fi.

If you travel in this coach you cannot access the Club Car, but an at-seat catering menu is available.


Booking Tickets:

Unusually for UK train tickets, you can book journeys on the Caledonian Sleeper up to twelve months ahead.
If you want a full choice of accommodation in the summer months or around holiday times, it's best to book at least a month in advance.

Bike reservations should be booked before noon on the day before travel.

In common with how tickets are sold for other European night train services, there are two elements to the ticket price, the cost of making the journey and the costs of travelling in the sleeping cabins.

If you want to travel in the reclining seats, you will in effect only be paying the journey costs.

The sleeping cabins also have a fixed price, so how the total costs are calculated is dependent on how the sleeping cabins will be occupied.

If you will be making an individual booking you will have sole occupancy of a Club Room or Classic Room, booking a Caledonian Double isn't an option for solo travellers.
Also there isn't the option of booking a cheaper type of ticket for a 'shared' cabin, which you would then be sharing with another traveller who had booked the same type of ticket.
On the Caledonian Sleeper trains a lone traveller will have sole occupancy of the cabin.

The total cost per person is more expensive if you will be travelling individually, because if you travel solo you pay the cost for the Club Room or Classic Room - plus a cost for making the journey.
But two people travelling together pay the same charge for the Club Room and Classic rooms -  the additional cost is the need to purchase two journey tickets.

Paying a higher price for single occupancy of a cabin is the norm on European night trains, but this particular pricing methodology makes the sleeping cabins on a Caledonian Sleeper service, a comparatively expensive option for solo travellers.


Travelling as a family group:

All the relevant information


Using Rail Passes:

If you will be using a valid rail pass you can travel in a reclining seat at no additional charge, but you must reserve a place prior to boarding, by calling the Guest Service Centre on 0330 060 0500.

If you want to travel in a bed in a Club Room sleeping cabin, you need to pay a 'Room only supplement' of £170 if you will be travelling solo, or £200 if two people will be travelling together.
If you want to travel in a Classic Room sleeping cabin, the supplement is £120 for solo travellers and £140 if two people are travelling together.

These 'Room only supplements' can be booked online.
Bistro (Hot Food)
Bar (Cold Food)
Double Deck
High Speed
First Class
Club Room and Caledonian Double
Second Class

Rail passes and reservations

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