IC Pendolino (Czechia)

The trains used on this route between Praha/Prague and Frantiskovy Lazne via Plzen are the same tilting trains that are used for the SuperCity services.

We last travelled on these trains some time ago, hence the relative lack of images, but when we did so the tilting mechanism was particularly noticeable - so if you have motion sensitivity, taking preventative medication is recommended.

The on board experience and facilities on these IC Pendolino services, are the same as on the SuperCity (SC) services
From a traveller perspective, what sets these services apart from the SC services, is the ticketing terms and conditions. 

Seat Reservations:

The key distinguishing feature between travelling on these trains for this IC branded service, compared to those SC services, is that on this IC route, you can opt to add a seat reservation to your booking.

In contrast, on the SC services seat reservations are mandatory and included in the ticket price.

If you book a ticket(s) for this service on the České dráhy (CD), Czech national railways website, the seat reservations are complimentary - the instructions for doing this are available here.

Rail pass users can book optional reservations to travel by these trains on the CD website for 35 CZK, less than €2 - this will also the fee payable by ticket holders, if you opt to book a reservation AFTER you have purchased a ticket.

This seat reservation policy, is universal to all the IC branded services in Czechia - we have placed these trains in a specific category because the on-board experience is different to the other IC branded services.

On Board:

The train conveys seats in 'Quiet Zones' and a family compartment.

So it's worth using the seating plan on the CD website to select these specific seats, though you may need to resort to Google Translate to make sense of the seating plan - the other pages on the CD website have been translated into English and German, but the seating plan is an exception.

Travel in 1st class/1. trida and you will receive a complimentary snack/sandwich, in 2nd class/2. trida you will receive complimentary bottle of water .

You can also access an on-board entertainment, though most of its features will be in Czech, but worth knowing is that you can use this console to order additional non-complimentary, refreshment items and have them delivered to your seat.

On Board:

Non-folding bikes can be taken on SuperCity services, but bike space reservations must be purchased prior to boarding.
Bistro (Hot Food)
Bar (Cold Food)
Double Deck
High Speed
First Class
1. třída
Second Class
2. třída

Rail passes and reservations

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Other features

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