EIP (Poland)

These smart 'Express InterCity Premium' EIP trains are Poland’s fastest trains - they travel up to 200 km/h on the higher speed line south of Warsaw.

They are part of the Pendolino 'family' of trains - a similar type of train is used for some of the services between Italy and Switzerland, but unlike those other Pendolinos, the trains used for these Polish EIP services don't have tilting motion, to enable them to travel faster on curvy railway lines.

There's no need for it as Polish railway lines, particularly the routes south of Warszawa taken by these trains, tend to be comparatively straight.


EIP trains provide most, but not all, of the express train services between Warszawa and 
(i) Gdasnk and Gdynia*
(iii) Krakow*

There are also four EIP services per day in each direction between Warszawa and Katowice* AND two EIP services per day in each direction between Warszawa and Wroclaw.

*Most of the trains to/from Gdynia via Gdansk travel through Warszawa, providing direct services between those two cities and both Krakow and Katowice.

Note that because of this, when travelling by these trains TO Warszawa, the name of the Polish capital may not be the main destination shown on the departure screens at stations.


All tickets for EIP trains are seat specific, so when you arrive on the peron/platform, check the coach number that you will printed on your ticket.

The peron/platform will be zoned and there will be information on the platform that will show in which zone each coach will be located.

Particularly check in which zone you should wait it on the peron this if you will boarding an EIP train in Warszawa, as most EIP services travel through Warszawa, so the trains arrive at the stations only a few minutes before departure.

Something to be aware of is that EIP trains can’t be boarded until the destination details etc are displayed on the electronic indicator - which shows the departure details of the next train that will be leaving from that specific track.

At the stations where an EIP train will be commencing its journey - the train may be waiting with doors open, it will be fairly obvious that it is the train you will be taking and you'll have a reserved seat.
However, the train may still being prepared for service, and if you board too soon, the conductor will politely ask you to leave.


These EIP trains convey restaurant/gastronomic coaches which can be used by all passengers, including those travelling in 2nd class.

The on board menu can be seen here.

If you don't want to have a hot meal, the catering car/coach also has a bistro counter at which hot/cold drinks and cold food (sandwiches, salads) etc can be ordered and either consumed in the coach (not at the restaurant seats), or taken back to your seats.

If you opt to dine in the restaurant car, you are requested not to take your luggage etc with you, so when boarding initially take your reserved seat and then make your way to the restaurant.

If you are travelling in 1st class, you can also order the full menu of items to be delivered to your seat(s).

In 1st class you will also receive a complimentary drink and light meal - sandwiches, breakfast croissant with eggs and ham etc.

If you want to order (and pay for) a full meal instead, you can tell the catering staff not to bring you the complimentary items.

InterRail and Eurail Pass users:

The terms for using a rail pass on EIP trains have changed, a flat fee (the equivalent of €10) is now charged irrespective of whether you have a 1st or 2nd class pass.

However, you pay only the €10 fee if you wait until you are in Poland and book the reservation at a station.

Book the reservation in another country, for example at a Reisezentrum reservation desk in Germany, and you'll have to pay the fee twice!
Once when booking the reservation and then again to the conductor when the ticket is checked on the train.

So it's best to arrange any reservations at a PKP reservation desk at the first station you arrive at in Poland.
Don't leave it until just before boarding, there's a small risk that you will be told that no seats are available on a particular train!

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