Looking towards gleis/platform 1 at Visp station

Visp (Visp (for Saas-Fee and Saas Grund))

Visp train station lives up to its name with a location in the heart of the town, but it's other major function is to be an interchange station.
That's because mainline SBB trains share the station with MGB trains and it's these trains which link Visp to Zermatt.


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Platform/gleis 4 -5, the MGB trains depart from tracks on the right Platform/gleis 4 -5, the MGB trains depart from tracks on the right

Visp is fairly typical of mid-sized Swiss stations as it has a passage way that runs under the tracks, linking the gleis/platforms to the main station buildings and exits.
If you will be changing trains you will also have to use this passage way.

If you have heavy luggage etc and don't want to use the steps to transfer between the passage and the trains, the only alternative is to use the slopes - there are no escalators or lfts on gleis (platforms/tracks) 2 - 6.

Platform/gleis 2 is usually used by MGB trains towards Amdermatt.
Platform/gleis 3 is usually used by MGB trains to Zermatt
The express trains heading north towards Bern and Geneve - normally use platform/gleis 4 or 5.
Platform/gleis 6 is usually used by the express trains heading south to Brig and Milano.

Train service summary

When the usual train timetable is available, the usual pattern of train service from Visp is:

  • up to 2 x IC or EC trains per hour to Spiez - Thun Bern - Olten - Basel
  • 1 x IC train every other hour to Spiez - Thun Bern - Zurich HB - Zurich Airport - Winterthur - Romanshorn
  • 2 x IR trains per hour to Sion - Montreux - Lausanne - Geneve - Geneve Aeroport
  • up to 4 x EC trains per day to Sion - Montreux - Lausanne - Geneve
  • up to 4 x EC trains per day to Domodossola - Stresa - Milano Centrale
  • 1 x train per hour to Domodossola
  • 2 x MGB trains per hour to Zermatt
  • 2 x MGB trains per hour to Feisch
  • 1 x MGB train per hour to Andermatt

Connecting to the MGB trains at Visp station

An MGB train arrives in Visp, the mainline tracks are to the right An MGB train arrives in Visp, the mainline tracks are to the right

If you will be heading towards Zermatt from destinations to the north of Visp, the quickest route is to change trains at Visp station - as the route to Zermatt operated by MGB heads west from Visp.
Though the interchange involves using the passage which links the gleis (platforms/tracks) used by the MGB ,with those used by the SBB mainline trains, this passage can only be accessed by steps and slopes.

If you will be heading to Zermatt from the south then connecting at Visp is faster and easier than making the transfer to the MGB trains at Brig - another location shared by SBB trains and MGB trains.
Though the EC trains on the Milano - Geneve route do call at Brig, but don't call at Visp.

However if you will be travelling from the north and then heading east on MGB trains towards Andermatt, usually the quickest and easiest option is to change trains at Brig and not Visp.

Connecting for the Saas-Fee and Sass Grund resorts at Visp station

Also connect at Visp for the bus to Saas-Fee via Saas Grund, route 511 serves both resorts and departs from the forecourt outside the Sud (main) exit at Visp station.

Route 511 departs every 30 mins during the day and the connecting time between the arrival of the train and departure of the bus is usually around 15 mins, so it should be a stress-free transfer.
The bus journey to Saas-Grund takes 40 mins, while to Saas-Fee takes 52 mins - route 511 makes multiple stops in both resorts.


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