Lugano station - the escalators lead down to the main station hall that has access to the funicular

Lugano (Lugano)

This guide to Lugano station includes information how to access the town centre and to make the transfer between the SBB and the FLP trains.


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Lugano is in Switzerland and not Italy, so if you're taking the train from Italy you will need to have your passport with you.

A funicular links Lugano station to the town centre - the exit from the base station of the funicular is by steps or a comparatively steep slope.
Tickets for the funicular cost CHF 1.30 and can be purchased from ticket machines.

There is direct access to this funicular from the passage way that runs beneath the platforms.
If your train arrives at platform/track 1, you will need to descend to the lower level in order to access the funicular, there is an escalator in the main station hall.
Binari (tracks/platforms) 2 to 4 are linked to the passage way by sloped pathways -you don't have to use stairs in Lugano station.
The left luggage lockers at the station are in this passage way

The base station of the funicular is in an area of the town with no road vehicle access, so it may not provide the optimum access to a final destination in the town.
The taxi rank is in front of the station, so the access to it from binari (tracks/platforms) 2 to 4 is to descend to the passage under the tracks and then use the escalators to go up to the main hall in the station

Bus line/route 2 links the station to the town centre every 15 to 20 minutes, but it doesn't stop outside the station, instead the stop it uses is out of sight on the road which leads down to the town.
A footbridge to the left of the station exit leads across this road with steps down to the bus stop.

The alternative route to the town centre is to use the secondary exit from the station, on the opposite side to the main hall, on to a small square named Piazalle de Besso.
An elevator goes up to Piazalle de Besso from the passage way under the tracks and there is also an exit of binari (track/platform 4).
From a bus stop on the Piazalle de Besso, three bus routes/lines - 3, 15 and 16, go to the town centre.

Train service summary

When the usual train timetable is available, the typical pattern of train service from Lugano is:

  • 1 x IC or EC train per hour to Arth-Goldau - Zug - Zurich
  • 1 x IC train every other hour to Arth-Goldau - Lucerne - Olten - Basel
  • 2 x IR trains per hour to Locarno
  • 1 x 'Ticino' train per hour to Como - Monza - Milano Centrale
  • 6 x EC trains per day to Como - Milano Centrale
  • 1 x EC train per day to Como - Milano Centrale - Brescia - Verona - Vicenza - Padua - Venice
  • up to 1 x EC train per day to Como - Milano Rogoredo - Bologna
  • up to 1 x EC train per day to Como - Milano Rogoredo - Genoa
  • 1 x local train per hour to Gallarate - Malpensa Airport

the FLP trains

Across the street and over to the from the main exit of Lugano SBB station is the terminal used by the FLP tram/trains.
The charming old building you will see used to be the FLP station, but it is now a restaurant, so the access to the FLP services is to the left of it, stairs provide a shortcut, but there is also a sloping pathway available.


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