Taormina-Giardini (Taormina)

Welcome to the guide to taking trains to and from the elegant main station in Taormina, with its beautiful location by the waterside.


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The elegant railway station in beautiful Taormina had to be built beside the town's largest bay, but the town center is up above it, on the cliff-top.
So walking between the station and the town centre isn't particularly feasible, the road has to take a long-way round, plus it's twisty and steep and doesn't have pavements/sidewalks.
So the only option for travel between the station and the town centre is by bus or taxi.
If you'll want to use a taxi/car service it's a good idea to contact your accommodation and ask them to arrange a pick-up for you, or at least ask for the details of the taxi service which they recommend, so that you can do this for yourself pre-arrival.
The taxi rank at the station is fairly small so at most a few un-booked cars will be awaiting the arrival of each train.

Though the area by the Lido Maraone, which is the location of a cluster of accommodation, is only a 5 -10 min walk from the station; if you are prepared to walk in the road with suitcases etc, because some sections of the road in this area also have no pavements/sidewalks.

The trains heading south from Messina towards Catania and Siracusa tend to arrive at/depart from binario 2, which is connected to the main station building by a passage way under the tracks, which can only be accessed by using staircases.
Binario 1, which is adjacent to the station's entrance and ticket hall, is where the trains to Messina and beyond usually depart from.

By bus to/from the town centre

Three bus services call at Taormina-Giardini station and connect it to the town centre, on a journey which takes around 10 minutes.

(1) ASM provides the local buses and its green / verde line calls at the station, which on the timetable is the 'Stazione Ferroviaria' stop.

(2) Interbus provides the bus service between towns in Sicily and (3) some its services are branded as Etna Transporti, hence both routes can be 'looked up' on the Interbus website.
Though the stop by the station, which is the Giardini stop on its timetables, isn't available to select on its search engine.
It looks as though one or two buses per hour, which are operated by either InterBus or Etna Transporti, are available on a Giardini (station) - Taormina town centre - Catania Aeroport route; and this seems to be a more frequent option than the ASM buses.


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