The route to the ticket gates and platform 2 - which is where all parts of the station can be accessed from

Stirling (Stirling)

Stirling’s charming station was designed by the esteemed architect James Miller, who’s other works include the majority of Scotland’s finest stations including the extensions to Glasgow Central and the iconic Wemyss Bay –  in Simon Jenkins’ work titled ‘Britain’s 100 Best Railway Stations’, Stirling station is awarded 3 stars, but Wemyss Bay has the full five.

Like the station at Wemyss Bay, the station in Stirling’s dominant feature is that much of its Edwardian buildings have curved frontages, which funnel the passengers to the access to the trains.
Stirling station’s other dominant feature is its period-piece footbridge, which links the main station buildings to platforms (tracks) 3 – 10.


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Looking down from the footbridge on to platform 3, used by express trains heading south Looking down from the footbridge on to platform 3, used by express trains heading south
Since ShowMeTheJourney was at Stirling the station is now used by electric trains Since ShowMeTheJourney was at Stirling the station is now used by electric trains
Looking down on the staircase which connects platform 2 to the footbridge Looking down on the staircase which connects platform 2 to the footbridge

Departing and arriving by train:

When departing by train, once you pass through the ticket gates and step on to platform 2, you can’t miss the staircase up to the bridge, over to the left.
However, the elevator, which provides step-free access to the footbridge is hidden out of sight, as it is behind the staircase.
Another elevator links the footbridge to the island of platforms (tracks) in the centre of the station, this is where platforms 3 – 9 are located.
The fast trains to Glasgow, most of the trains to Edinburgh and the trains to London depart from platform 3.

Though there is no step-free access to and from platform 10, but this part of the station is little used.

Platform 2 is located beside the station buildings, so there is no need to use the footbridge if your train arrives and departs from here; it is where the fast trains from Glasgow and the trains from Edinburgh and London usually arrive.
It is also where the trains to Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness usually depart from.

When arriving by train at platforms 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9, you don’t have to use the stairs, in order to access the footbridge in order to exit the station.
The elevator, which enables a step-free route out of the station, is on the other side of the bridge to the staircase.

All trains to and from Stirling station are operated by ScotRail except for the trains to and from London, which are operated by LNER.

To the town centre and castle:

Stirling station is a five minute walk from the city centre, simply go straight ahead out of the station and turn to the left at the top of Station Road.

Stirling Castle is 20 – 30 minute walk from the station and much of the route is very steep.
Turn right at the top of Station Road and then left on to a charming pedestrianised street named Friars Street.
Then turn right on to Baker Street and keep going up the hill until you see Broad Street over to the left – and this street leads to the castle.

For those who would rather avoid a stiff walk, for much of the year there is an alternative means of accessing the castle from the station, which is to take the Stirling Land Train.
It stops in Station Road and by the castle, more details are available on its Facebook page.

The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum is a 15 – 25 minute walk from Stirling station, follow the route to the top of Friars Street and then go left and left again, making a u-turn around the clock tower.
Once you’re on the other side of the clock tower, go straight ahead on to Corn Exchange Road and then turn right on to Albert Place, the gallery is towards the edge of the town over to the right


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