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The Jacobite Steam Train departs from Fort William

Fort William (Fort William)


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Fort William is one of Britain’s most tantalising stations, it’s still a tad fantastic that a direct overnight train from London arrives in the coastal town in the Scottish Highlands.
At several times per day in the summer months, Fort William station is provided with a magical aura, when the Jacobite steam train is in the station.

It’s also the midway point of the most scenic section of the gorgeous West Highland Line, so a train journey to Fort William is inevitably fabulous.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said of Fort William station, though in its defence it is functional, with step-free access to a subway, which provides the walking route into the town centre.
A subway which is necessary because Fort William station lost a battle in the war of road vs rail.
The town planners decided that Fort William would benefit from a four-lane bypass road and this now cuts the town off from the station, which also had to re-sited from its original evocative location right by the shore of Loch Linnhe.

In common with much of railway station building in the 1970s, its replacement at Fort William is practical rather than beautiful.
However, few stations in Britain now house a restaurant, but Fort William station is home to the Locahber Cafe, which makes for a convenient location to have a drink or something to eat when changing trains.

The station restaurant is also the best location to spend time if you need to wait for a bus connection on to Inverness or the Isle of Skye.
The ‘bus station’ in Fort William merely consists of some shelters at the bus stops beside the supermarket.
To access them use the exit on to the road named MacFarlane Way, which is off to the right on the main concourse, just by the ends of the platforms - also head in this direction for the taxi rank.

A bus service which departs from a different location in the town is the route provided by Shielbuses to the Glen Nevis Youth Hostel, which stops by the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre – the beginnings of the most popular route for ascending Britain’s highest mountain.
This departs from the stops in Middle Street car park, to access it use the subway and then by its exit, take the path which leads beside the store named M & Co.


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