How to use Aberdeen railway station

Aberdeen (Aberdeen)

This guide to Aberdeen station provides a summary of how to access the city centre and make onward connections, though the city's railway station is currently in the midst of a major redevelopment.


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Terminus Station
The buildings around the main concourse are being restored as part of the redevelopment work at the station The buildings around the main concourse are being restored as part of the redevelopment work at the station

Aberdeen is a station of two parts, both of which are housed within the one building and can be easily accessed from the impressive main concourse.
Most of the trains from destinations to the south, including all trains from Edinburgh and London, arrive at platforms (tracks) 3 -6S and this part of the station is a terminus, so exiting the station from here simply involves walking across the concourse.
The access to these platforms is by a set of ticket gates at the south end of the station concourse.
To platforms 3 to 6 at Aberdeen station
Due to the rebuilding work at the station, the access to platform 6N, which is where some of the trains to Inverness depart from, is also through these ticket gates.
From here you need to walk along platform 6 to the train at its far end.

Most of the trains heading north to Inverness depart from platforms (tracks) 7S and 7N and these are accessed by a bridge, which has both stairs and elevators connecting it to the main concourse and at platform level.
Platform 7 at Aberdeen station
*= Due to the building work at the station, the elevators may be temporarily unavailable.

Many European stations now resemble shopping malls which also happen to provide access to trains, but in Aberdeen, the Union Square Mall was placed right beside the station.
So the station’s formerly elegant frontage can no longer be seen, but the mall does provide multiple opportunities to pick up last minute travel essentials as well as food/drink for a journey.
Though what's particularly unusual is that the primary access to and from the main concourse at the station is through the mall, though take the most obvious exit from the station, the doors from the mall which lead out on to the street are immediately to the left.

To the city centre:

Aberdeen station has a convenient city centre location, the heart of the city, the ferry terminal and many of its most popular attractions, including the Maritime Museum and the city’s Art Gallery are all within a 15 min walk from the station.

If you’ll be heading off on foot it’s best to use the exits on to Guild Street, which are at the opposite end of the station concourse to platforms 3-5, in the image below the passage leading on to Guild Street is to the right of the wall of glass.
Towards the Guild Street exit at Aberdeen station

Once you’re on Guild Street turn right for the Maritime Museum, after around 5 minutes you’ll then see it on the left.
Head towards the museum when walking to the heart of the city; the location of its most iconic buildings made of granite.
A street named Shiprow, which bends round to the right of the museum, leads to the city centre and the main Tourist Information office.

To the ferry terninal:

The ferry terminal for the routes to the Orkney and Shetland Islands is a 10 – 15 min walk from Aberdeen station, so if the weather is fine it’s not worth taking a taxi.
The station is close to the harbour side, so having turned right on Guild Street, you’re likely to see some large ships ahead of you.
Turn right on to Market Street and then along this street, the access to the ferry terminal will be on the left.

Long-distance train services summary:

Long-Distance train service summary:


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(1) Glasgow Queen Street via Dundee, Perth and Stirling
(2) Edinburgh via Dundee and Kirkcaldy
(3) Inverness via Elgin


London King's Cross via Dundee, Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh, Newcastle, York and Peterborough


Penzance via Edinburgh, Newcastle, Durham, York, Leeds, Sheffield, Derby, Birmingham, Cheltenham, Bristol, Taunton, Exeter, Plymouth and Truro.

Caledonian Sleeper

Overnight to London Euston


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