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About the station

This guide to using Antwerp's main station explains what to look out for when departing and arriving by train.
It also includes info on how to travel between Antwerp Central station and the city centre, which quality hotels are nearby - and why using Antwerpen Berchem station can be an option worth considering.

An Introduction to Antwerpen Central station:

Antwerpen-Centraal train station is among the architectural wonders of Europe.

When the Thalys train service started operating the station had to be rebuilt, but the magnificent main station building at street level was perfectly preserved.
That was able to happen because the new platforms at the station were constructed at lower levels.

The trains depart from three different levels:

Some trains, including those to/from Gent and beyond depart from/arrive at the platforms that are on an upper level to the main concourse.
However, the Thalys trains and the Intercity Brussels* services are among those that use the platforms at the very lowest level.

Flights of escalators and lifts link these lower level platforms to the main concourse, but if you will taking a Thalys or Intercity Brussels train, then aim to be at the station at least 5 minutes before departure.

If you will be taking a Thalys train something else to be aware of is that unlike French or German stations, the platforms/voie at Antwerpen Centraal aren’t split into zones.
As a result there’s no way of ascertaining where to wait on the platform, for direct boarding into the coach on the Thalys train in which your reserved seat is located.
On Thalys trains heading to Paris the 1st class is usually towards the front of the train, while on trains heading to Amsterdam, it usually towards the rear.

It can be worth checking the train formation at the information desk, the Thalys trains will be 8 coaches long, so if need be, board by the nearest door and walk through the train to find your seat.

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Conveniently Located Hotels/Hostels

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