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Wemyss Bay (for the Isle of Bute), (United Kingdom)

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About the station

If the station in Wemyss Bay solely served the small town on the shore of the Firth Of Clyde it would likely be rather ordinary, but as its main function has always been to facilitate the transfer between trains and the ferries to and from the Isle of Bute, something more substantial was required.

For on summer weekends until the 1960s, thousands of day trippers and holiday makers would take those ferries over to the town of Rothesay, because the Isle of Bute is home to lovely beaches and wonderful scenery - and it is closer to Glasgow than any other of the beautiful islands off Scotland’s West Coast.

Despite not being a station in which passengers can expect to linger, because the transfer between train and ferry has been blissfully simple ever since the current station’s opening in 1903, the architect James Miller created a wonder of Edwardian architecture.
Thanks to a relatively recent refurbishment, Wemyss Bay station now looks as splendid as it ever has done and is widely cited as Britain’s most wonderful station which serves a town and not a city.

So fabulous that it was featured on the cover of the book by Simon Jenkins titled, ‘Britain’s Best 100 Railway Stations’.
Though when taking the ferry over to Rothesay it’s best not to linger, as the ferry departures are usually timed to make a smart connection with the trains.
Instead take in the glorious spectacle when going back to Glasgow, as once you’re on the gorgeous concourse with its stunning flower displays provided by local volunteers, the train will only be a matter of steps away.
You'll also have time to pop into the charming book store, which helps raise money for the station's charming appearance.

A sloping, covered walkway links the station to the pier, so the transfer between the train and the ferry is step-free.

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