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About the station

This guide to taking a train from and to Bllbao includes details of how to use Bilbao-Abando station - and how to connect to the local trains and trams in the city.

Bilbao’s main train station, Bilbao-Abando is conveniently located in the heart of the city by the west bank of the Ria Del Nerion.
The old town surrounding the cathedral is a 10- 15 min walk away –  turn right on exiting the station and follow the tram tracks down the street named ‘Naffora Kelela’ and over the bridge.

Bilbao-Abandao is also a public transport hub;
-  the Bilbao Metro has a stop at the station,
- the city’s Euskotran tram line, has stop by Abando and
- the station used by trains on the FEVE network, Bilbao Concordia, is a 3 min walk away.

However, the Euskotren local rail network does not have a stop at Abando, its nearest station Zazpikaleak/Casco Viejo, is a 10-12 min walk from Bilbao-Abando or a one-stop hop on the Metro.

Connecting to Termibus Bus Station:

The main bus station in Bilbao, the Termibus is linked to Bilbao-Abando by local Renfe 'Cercanias' trains on lines C1 and C2, which call at San Mamés station - adjacent to the bus station.

These line C1 and C2 depart from the main concourse beside the other trains.
If no Ceracanias is due to depart then the quicker option will be take a Metro, take any train three stops west to San Mamés.

Bus line line A3247, operated by BizkaiBus links Termibus with Bilbao Airport.

Connecting to the Ferry Terminal:

Bilbao Ferry Terminal is 21km from central Bilbao and has no direct public transport connection from Abando station, or anywhere else in the city centre.
Santurzi Metro station on Metro line 2 is the nearest station to the port, but it is still 3km away and there is no taxi rank at Santzuri station.

Arriving By Train at Bilbao-Abando:

The vias (platforms/tracks) at Bilbao-Abando are above street level, but there is step free access to the exits and Metro.
When you step off a train, exit from the vias and walk ahead across the main concourse towards the stunning stained glass installation.

At the rear of this concourse are escalators which lead down to the exits and metro, which are two levels below.
On the first level you will come to are some shops and restaurants and some of the toilets/restrooms at the station – the Alvia trains from Madrid usually arrive at via (platform/track) 8 which is the location of the other toilets/restrooms.

Once you’re at street level in the main station building there is a choice of three street exits, the main exit will be over to the left – on the other side of the separate banks of escalators, which lead down to the metro station.

Use the less obvious exit on the right if you’re heading to the FEVE station, Bilbao-Concordia.

The Tourist Information Office is next to the station, turn right from the main exit and you'll find it on the Plaza Bribila

Departing By Train From Bilbao-Abando:

When you enter the station, use the escalators or elevators to head to the main concourse, which will be two levels above.
It houses most of the facilities at the station including the ticket office, when you step off of the escalators, it is out of sight and it is over to the right behind the escalators.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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