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About the station

The main station building at Metz Ville is an icon of art nouveu architecture - so fabulous that it has been recognised as National Historic Monument of France since 1975.

The voies/platforms/tracks that the trains arrive at/depart from are all located at an upper level - and in contrast to the main station buildings, this part of the station is monumentally ugly.
A grim location in which to wait for a train.

Two passage ways run beneath the voies/tracks and provide access to/from the trains.

They both link the voies/platforms to the main station building - which due to its preservation is a legacy of when the station had distinct entrances/exits for Arrivals and Departures.

Departing By Train:

When approaching Metz train station from the city centre and facing the station on the Place du Genéral du Gaulle - the main entrance into the old departure hall is over to the right, by the clock tower.

While the entrance into the old arrivals hall is over to the right.

If you don't have luggage etc, it doesn't particularly matter which of these entrance halls you use to access the trains.
The passage ways that lead off under the tracks from either hall both have steps up to the voies that the trains depart from.

Most of the facilities in the station are housed between the two halls.

However, if you do have luggage etc - then use the arrival hall to access the station.
The passage way that leads off from this hall also has lifts/ascenceurs which give access to each voie/track/platform.
The passage way that leads off from the departure hall does not have lifts.

Arriving By Train:

If you arrive by TGV from Paris/the south, the passage way that leads to the arrival hall will be located towards the rear of the train.
If you want/need to use the lifts/ascenceurs to exit the voie - you will find them here.

The exits to the passage way that leads to the old departure/main hall will be towards the front of the train.
There are also escalators that lead down to this passage way.

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