Pisa Centrale

Pisa, (Italy)

The main entrance at Pisa Centrale The main entrance at Pisa Centrale

The main entrance at Pisa Centrale

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About the station

Our guide to using Pisa Centrale station explains how to access the The Leaning Tower and Duomo when arriving in Pisa by train.

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If you were hoping to see The Leaning Tower on exiting Pisa Centrale train station then you’re going to be disappointed.

The railway station is located towards the southern edge of the city centre in a fairly scruffy part of town.

However, the station itself has been renovated recently, so it makes for a pleasant environment in which to wait for a train.

All the platforms/binaro have lifts leading to the passage way that runs beneath them, giving step free access to the main exit/entrance.

The renovations at Pisa Centrale station have been timed to coincide with the opening of the people mover between the station and Pisa Airport – which has replaced the train service between Pisa and the airport.

The people mover is at the far end of the subway that runs beneath the platforms, on the opposite side of the station to the main entrance.

Stopping off at Pisa, in order to see the tower, when travelling between cities is a popular option, hence a near permanently lengthy queue for the left luggage office at Pisa Centrale.

The station doesn’t have left luggage lockers, you have to deposit a bag with the attendant and in the summer you may have to queue for more than an hour!

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