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About the station

Our guide to Brig station includes how to make the transfer between the SBB and the MGB trains.

Brig train station is fairly typical of mid-sized Swiss stations, as it has a passage way that runs under the tracks, linking the gleis/platforms to the main station buildings and exits.

So steps and ramps links the platforms/tracks to this passage way - gleis 1 also has escalator access.

An unusual feature of Brig station is that that passage way under the platforms is on a fairly steep slope down to the exit.
Factor in the ramps up to the platforms/gleis 2 – 8 and it takes a bit of effort to drag heavy luggage up to the trains from the entrance.

Connecting to the MGB trains at Brig station

The MGB (Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn) trains on the routes towards Andermatt and Zermatt don’t share the main station in Brig with the SBB trains.

It's why making the connections into these trains at Visp station, can be a tad less complicated.

Though making the transfer at Brig station is nothing to be afraid of.
The MGB platforms/gleis at Brig station are impossible to miss as they're located on the station forecourt, so are only steps away from the main station entrance/exit.

The MGB station can be referred to on timetables as 'Brig Bahnhof Platz'.

To the Aletsch Arena Ski Resort:

The MGB trains east from Brig towards Fiesch and Andermatt call at Mörel and Betten stations.
The base station of the Riederalp cable car is a 2 min walk from Mörel train station.
The cable car's stop at Riederalp Miitte has access to the western part of the Aletsch Arena ski resort.

For the eastern part of the Aletsch Arena remain on the MGB train one stop further until it arrives at Betten train station.
The Bettmeralp cable car station is adjacent to Betten train station. 

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