By Train from Firenze / Florence (Italy) to Modena (Italy) - Option 4: Leave from the main city centre station and have a wider selection of departures to choose from, but change trains in Bologna,

Journey Summary

Depart Firenze / Florence (Italy)

Firenze S. M. Novella

Arrive Modena (Italy)

Journey Time
1hr 20 min - 1hr 25 min approx
1 - 3 x connections per hour

The high speed line north of Bologna by-passes Modena, which is why there are so few direct trains from Firenze to Modena.

Hence why by far the most frequent option for making the city centre to city centre journey by train, involves taking a high speed train 'Frecce' train to Bologna and the  connecting there for a train on to Modena.

If the timings suit the optimum journeys are those which involve taking a Frecciabianca or InterCity train on from Bologna, you can then make the entire journey in assigned seats.

Though Bologna Centrale is a comparatively complicated station in which to change trains - because the Frecce trains will arrive at the underground AV station, but the train on to Modena will depart from the main part of the station.

But there are two direct daily trains to Modena from the main city centre station - Firenze S.M.Novella

(1) The Intercity train, which is usually scheduled to depart before 08:25

(2) The Frecciarossa train, which is usually scheduled to depart after 21:15

The only other trains from Firenze/Modena are the alternative Intercity trains, which depart from Rifredi station.

Train 1

  • Depart: Firenze / Florence (Italy)
  • Arrive: Bologna (Italy)
  • Journey time: 35 - 37 min (Frecce trains)

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Train 2

  • Depart: Bologna (Italy)
  • Arrive: Modena (Italy)
  • Journey time: 26 - 31min

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