By Train from Torino / Turin (Italy) to Parma (Italy)

Journey Summary

Depart Torino / Turin (Italy)

Torino Porta Susa

Arrive Parma (Italy)

Journey Time
2hr 22min - 2hr 45min
Up to 7 x connections per day - if you want to make the end-to-end journey by Frecce trains.

Because the Frecce train from Torino to the Adriatic Coast now takes the high speed line between Milano and Bologna, the only direct train from Torino to Parma is an InterCity Notte overnight train, which has limited seated accommodation.

Within the plethora of the indirect journey options for taking a train from Torino to Parma, what isn't initially obvious is that this combination of trains:

(1) A Frecciarossa or Frecciarossa 1000 train from Torino to

(2) A Frecciabianca train from Milano Centrale to Parma

offers the optium journey.

It involves making only one, relatively easily timed connection in Milano Centrale station and enables the end-to-end journey to be made on comfortable Frecce trains.

Look for the combination of journeys with a Fecciarossa or Frecciarossa 1000 train above a Frecciabianca train in the 'Trains' column.

Train 1

  • Depart: Torino / Turin (Italy)
  • Arrive: Milano / Milan / Mailand (Italy)
  • Journey time: 50 min (approx)

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Train 2

  • Depart: Milano / Milan / Mailand (Italy)
  • Arrive: Parma (Italy)
  • Journey time: 1hr 9min (Frecce trains)

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