How to travel on The Gotthard Panoramic Express

Worth knowing about the Gotthard Panorama Express

The Gotthard Panorama Express is a replacement for ‘The Wilhelm Tell Express’ service - it comprises both a boat steamer from Lucerne across Lake Lucerne to Fluelen AND a journey between Fluelen and Lugano by train on the old Gotthard main line with its fabulous views.
The end-to-end journey is so fabulous that it has been included on Far And Wide's list of Europe's Most Remarkable Train Journeys.

The train service has been renamed to reflect the fact that it is now the only passenger service which travels the entire length of the old Gotthard main line between Fluelen and Bellinzona
Now that the regular express train service has been diverted into the new Gotthard Base Tunnel, the standard train service over the old Gotthard route now requires connections in Erstfeld - which the Gotthard Panorama Express avoids.

On the train all 1st class seats are within one of SBB’s observation cars.
Travel in an observation car on the Gotthard Panoramic Express

The highlights of the journey occur when the train spirals up and down the mountains on either side of the older Gotthard Tunnel, hence the famous three views of the white church at Wassen.

But due to the method of the line’s construction, the church can be seen from the left and right of the train.
The incredible views on the Gotthard Panoramic Express