Travelling on The Bernina Express

The Bernina Express awaits departure from Chur station
Eight Things Worth Knowing about The Bernina Express:

1. Bernina Express trains are composed entirely of special observation cars, for enhanced views and they are operated by RhB, between the Italian border town of Tirano and Chur/Davos and St Moritz.

2. The only direct train service between Tirano and both Chur and Davos is by these Bernina Express trains - when travelling between Chur and Tirano by regular trains, connections are required in Samedan and Pontresina.

3. The trains also have on board commentary pointing out the tourist sights.

4. The RhB railway lines The Albula Route:
The Albula Route
and The Bernina Route,
The Bernina Route
which The Bernina Express travels on,
are amongst the most spectacular in Switzerland, and both routes are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


5. Seats/tickets must be reserved in advance on Bernina Express trains and RhB ticket holders have to pay a supplement (included in The Bernina Express ticket price) in comparison to the ordinary RhB trains that use the same routes.

6. Rail passes users, including Swiss Travel Pass users can also pay this supplement to travel by the 'Bernina Express'.

7. There are more frequent ordinary Rhb trains, which operate over the same lines and don’t ordinarily convey observation cars - though observation cars, which have a supplementary price, are attached to the majority of trains on the 'Albula' Route between Chur and St Moritz in the winter months.

8. 'Bernina Express' trains do not operate between Chur and St Moritz and the Glacier Express, which does,  does not travel over The Bernina route to/from Tirano.

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