2020 Itineraries for Eurail and InterRail Passes

If you're considering exploring Europe by train in 2019, we have saved you the effort of planning your trip, by producing five itineraries that can be followed with a Eurail or InterRail pass.
Follow our suggestions and you'll see the best of Europe, while saving money compared to the cost of purchasing last minute train tickets per journey.
Or use the Concierge rail travel planning service to craft your personalised optimum itinerary.


11 Things All Our Itineraries Share:

(1) You can follow all these itineraries with either a 10 Days within two months InterRail Global Pass OR a 10 days within 2 months Eurail  Global Pass.

(2) Therefore you can spend some time in multiple fabulous locations between your days of train travel.

(3) They can be trusted, as our founder Simon has been lucky enough to travel on all of the journeys that have been included - he also took all the images used to illustrate each itinerary (and 99.99% of all the images you'll find on ShowMeTheJourney).

(4) We've gone the extra mile and looked up the departure and arrival time of each train, and these SHOULD be valid throughout 2020 - though confirm that each of your subsequent trains will be running as normal, when you arrive at each station.

(5) They're circular, so start and finish in the same city, but it also means you can jump into the suggested routings and choose your own start and end city.

(6) They involve taking the fewest number of trains possible.

(7) They also avoid as many additional reservation fees as feasibly possible - one of them avoids ANY additional fees at all.

(8) As you'll be on holiday we've avoided suggesting that you rise at dawn, so as many of the journeys as possible involve departing from a city after 09:00.

(9) They strive to ensure that all the connections between trains should be stress free, but when they are tightly timed, we suggest alternatives.

(10) We've also included as many fabulous journeys as feasibly possible.

(11) We have compared the total travel costs of each itinerary = the rail passes + the reservations fees etc, with the costs of purchasing tickets for our suggested journeys.


1: 10 of Europe's Most Popular Cities - we show the easiest routes between them:
Nine of Euriope's most fabulous cities are included on this Eurail and InterRail pass itinerary
London  →  Amsterdam  →  Berlin  →  Prague/Praha  →  Vienna/Wien  →  Venice/Venezia  →  Roma/Rome  →  Geneve  →  Barcelona  →  Paris  →  London

Discover all you need to know about this trip of a lifetime 


2: The Ultimate Scenic Itinerary - have an incredible journey every day:
A beautiful journey is guaranteed every day on this Eurail and InterRail itinerary
Milano  →  Centovali Railway  →  The MG Railway  →  Milano →  The Italian Riviera  →   The Cote D'Azur  →  Marseille  →  Nimes  →   Lyon  →  The Route of The Mont Blanc Express  →  Montreux  →  The Golden Pass  →  Milan  →  The Bernina Pass    The Albula Railway  →   The Alberg Pass  →   Innsbruck    The Brenner  Pass  →  Venice  →  The Adriatic Coast  →  Roma →   through the Cinque Terre  →   Milano

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3: Highlights of Northern Europe - the best of Scandinavia and 7 other great cities:
The best of Scandinavia and 7 amazing cities are featured in this 2019 rail pass itinerary

Amsterdam  →  Hamburg  →  Gothenburg  →  Oslo  →   Stockholm  →   Copenhagen  →   Berlin  →   Warsaw  →  Prague  →  Wien/Vienna  →  Amsterdam

Discover all you need to know about this trip of a lifetime.


4: The best of Europe - but with NO additional reservation fees:
10 fabulous destinations, beautiful journeys but no additional fees on this Eurail and InterRail itinerary
Paris  →  Gent  →  Amsterdam  →  Berlin  →   Prague  →   Vienna/Wien  →   Venice/Venezia   →   Florence/Firenze  →  Milano  →   4 beautiful Swiss journeys  →  Paris


Paris  →  Gent  →  Amsterdam  →  Berlin  →   Prague   →  Vienna/Wien   →   Venice/Venezia   →   Florence/Firenze  →  explore the Cinque Terre  →  Genoa  →    Marseille  →  Paris

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5: Take only direct trains between 10 fabulous destinations - no need to make any connections!
How to see the best of Europe with an InterRail or Eurail Pass by only taking direct trains
Paris  →   Amsterdam  →  Berlin  →  Prague  →   Budapest  →  Vienna/Wien  →  Venice/Venezia  →   Roma  →  Milano  →   Marseille  →   Barcelona  →  Paris


Paris  →   Amsterdam  →  Berlin  →  Prague  →   Budapest   →  Vienna/Wien  →  Munich/Munchen  →   Venice/Venezia  →   Roma  →  Milano  →   Nice     Paris

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And if you want to have a shorter travel itinerary and stay in only five locations, there are some great ideas for making those type of trips HERE - published by OntheLuce.


A fabulous Alpine itinerary

This itinerary was compiled for Guardian Travel by Nicky Gardner, the co-editor of the fabulous Hidden Europe magazine

Nicky travelled: London  → Lausanne →  Montreux  → Luzern/Lucerne → Montreux  → Luzern/Lucerne Mittenwald via Innsbruck → London

The details of this trip are here


Some Additional Tips To Ensure You Have A Stress-Free Trip:

This  EXTRA INFO can help you:

(1) Save money when booking overnight accommodation.

(2) Know 'the rules'

(3) Have more comfortable journeys.

(4) Avoid last minute panics at the station etc etc.


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