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Travel Info & Tips The Voralpen Express

The Voralpen Express

Riding the Swiss trains which take a useful direct route between Luzern and St Gallen.

| almost 2 years ago

The Voralpen Express is a train service which operates hourly in each direction over SBB and SOB lines between Luzern and St. Gallen.
Therefore The Voralpen Express provides a useful link at Arth-Goldau station between the Gotthard Line to/from Lugano and Locarno and destinations in eastern Switzerland, which is typically quicker than travelling via Zurich.

The Voralpen Express trains also connects Luzern with the Zurich to Chur main line at Pfaffikon, so passengers travelling between the RhB and  ZB systems can take this train; and the trains between Pfaffikon and Chur.
Eurail, InterRail, Swiss Travel and Saver Day Passes can be used to travel the length of the Voralpen Express route.

The journey taken by The Voralpen Express isn’t as scenic as other Swiss journeys, but it does have two notable highlights;

  1. south of St Gallen, the train crosses the Sitter Viaduct, Switzerland’s highest rail bridge, and
  2. between Watwill and Pfaffikon the train passes over Lake Zurich.
    Though it was unfortunately pouring with rain when SMTJ made this journey, hence the lack of images.

Brand new and very smart trains are now being used for these Voralpen Expres services.
SMTJ has yet to have the opportunity to travel by them, hence the image taken from the rail operator's website.


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