SJ Night Train (Sweden)

Exterior view of SJ Night Train Exterior view of SJ Night Train

Exterior view of SJ Night Train


SJ's Night trains/the SJ Nattåg services operate on these routes:

(1) Gothenburg - Stockholm - Åre - Duved

(2) Stockholm -  Ulméa - Boden - Luléa

(3) Gothenburg -  Ulméa - Boden - Luléa

(4) Stockholm - Boden - Kiruna -Narvik

(5) Stockholm - Malmo

The sleeping cabins:

In all of the sleeping cabins, full bedding is provided with pillows, duvets etc.

You can store your luggage in the sleeping cabins - the SJ website info states that space is available for stowing skis in the Second class compartments - but presumably these can be stowed in the first class compartments too.

1.klasse/First Class:

These cabins have only two beds, but if you are travelling alone you will have the cabin to yourself.

A toilet and a shower cubicle is available in the cabin, toiletries and towels are provided.

You will receive a complimentary breakfast, which will either be served in the cabin, or you can obtain it from the bistro car - when it isn't available on the train you will be given vouchers that can be used in convenient cafés

You will also have access to the SJ Lounges at stations.

Disabled-access cabins are available - more info about how to book these is available here - translate the page as its in Swedish.

2.klasse/Second Class:

These cabins have three beds, but if you are travelling alone or as a couple, you can pay the full price for the beds you occupy AND a reduced rate for the beds you won't be using.

You will be travelling in a male or female cabin, unless you book all three beds.

A sink is available in the cabin and towels are provided, but the toilets are outside the cabin.

More info is available here.

The couchettes:

On the SJ website these are also known as 'caravans'.

As is typical when travelling in couchettes on European night trains, the idea is that you sleep on the bunks in your daytime clothes, so only sheets and pillows are provided.

Toilets and luggage storage facilities are available outside the compartment.

Male only, female only and mixed compartments are available.

The compartments have 6 bunks, but if four or five people are travelling together, you can book the entire compartment and pay a reduced rate for the spare bunk(s) which you won't be using.

More info is available here.

General Train Facilities Summary:

(i) You don't have to travel in the sleeping cabins or couchette/caravan compartments - coaches with 2nd class seats should also be available.

(ii) There are electrical sockets in each sleeping cabin and couchette compartment.

(iii) Wi-fi is gradually being introduced, so is currently only available in some sleeping cabins and sleeping compartments.

(iv) A bistro car SHOULD be available on all departures - EXCEPT for the Stockholm - Malmo route.

A PDF of the Night Train menu is available HERE and you can order food/drink at the counter and consume it at the tables in the car.

You can also bring your own food/drink on board - beer and wine is available from the bistro counter, but you cannot bring alcoholic drinks on board with you.

A breakfast box is available in these bistro coaches - book a berth in a 1st class sleeper and you'll receive a complimentary box, which you can aslo request to have delivered to your cabin instead.

More info is available on the SJ website - stick with the Swedish language version of the website and translate the pages.
There is a lot more info available on the Swedish version of the SJ website compared to the English language version.

Rail Pass reservation fees:

If you use a valid Eurail or InterRail pass to travel on these trains, you will have to pay the following reservation fees PRIOR to boarding.

The prices per person below are in euros, but you will be paying in Swedish krona.

Seats = €3
Bunk in a couchette = €20
Bed in a 2nd class sleeping cabin = €40
Bed in 1st class sleeping cabin = €75

If you have a 1st class pass, you can opt to travel in a 2nd class cabin or couchette, but 1st class passes are required if you want to book a bed in a 1st class sleeping cabin.

Bistro (Hot Food)
Bar (Cold Food)
Double Deck
High Speed
First Class
1 (1.klasse)
Second Class
2 (2.klasse)

Rail passes and reservations

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