SJ Regional (Sweden)

SJ Regional is a service rather than a specific type of train and as a result three types of train are used for these services:

(1) the double-decker
(2) the Regina
(3) the X 12

What all SJ Regional trains have in common is that no catering is available on board.

Seat Reservations:

If a double decker or Regina train is being used for your journey and you book a 1st class ticket, a complimentary seat reservation will be included with your ticket purchase.

If you book a 2nd class ticket, you can opt to add a reservation for an additional cost of 50 kr.

You can find a little more info on the SJ Trains Guide.

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Travelling on European overnight trains
Bistro (Hot Food)
Bar (Cold Food)
Double Deck
High Speed

Rail passes and reservations

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Other features

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