SJ InterCity

A SJ InterCity train at Stockholm Central station A SJ InterCity train at Stockholm Central station

A SJ InterCity train at Stockholm Central station

Take a trip back in time as these trains have been in service for more than 35 years - but unsurprisingly they have been modernised, to create a light and airy on board atmosphere.

They used to be the pride of Swedish Railways, but now their primary role is to provide a slower and cheaper alternative to the Snabbtag services - but only on certain routes.

Though they're still the fastest, premium trains between Stockholm and some cities to the north of the capital

A bistro counter will be available on most SJ InterCity trains, but not all, so as the food/drink on board is comparatively expensive - it’s generally a good idea to purchase it at the station before boarding.

Reservations are optional on these trains, so if you want to guarantee a seat, you need to select the option when making a booking – and pay the additional fees.

If you will be making a long journey, having the peace of mind of a reserved seat can be good value for money – seats are not guaranteed.

For rail pass users the reservation fee in both 1st and 2nd class is only SEK 27 (around €3).

Only bagged folded bikes can be taken aboard these trains (any SJ train), no other bicycles are permitted.

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