SJ 3000 (Snabbtåg)

A SJ 3000 on Malmo - Goteborg Snabbtag service A SJ 3000 on Malmo - Goteborg Snabbtag service

A SJ 3000 on Malmo - Goteborg Snabbtag service

Snabbtåg is the express train service operated by Swedish national rail operator SJbut in a country without high speed lines, they achieve their speed by tilting around curves in the track.



Two types of train are used on Snabbtåg services

These SJ 3000 trains are newer than the X2000 trains, but they tend to be used on the less frequent/busy Snabbtåg routes.

So they are usually used on most of the Snabbtåg services between Stockholm and destinations to the north and the route between Gothenburg and Malmo.

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Seats will automatically be assigned when booking tickets for journeys by these trains.

Rail pass users will need to have made reservations prior to boarding.

These reservations can be booked online on the SJ Website - the step-by-step instructions for doing so are available here.

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A less obvious advantage of booking a klass 1 ticket, is that in klass 1, more of the seats (but not all) line up with the windows enabling you to see the Swedish landscape in all its splendour.

In klass 2 the relationship between seats and windows is a lot more random.

Klass 1 passengers have access to a complimentary food/drink counter where you can help yourself to fruit, snacks and tea/coffee/water – though take care with the jugs of hot water on a tilting train.

Klass 1 travellers can also take the edge off of early morning starts with a rather lovely complimentary breakfast that’s served before 09:00.

(So there is an at-seat catering service in 1st class, but only for breakfast).

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Quiet zones are available in klass 1 and klass 2.


In klass 2 the access to Wi-Fi has recently been upgraded, while Klass 1 travellers have free 4G Wi-fi.


The charges for food (sandwiches/salads etc) available from the on board bar counter, are higher than the price you’d pay at a station outlet.

As Sweden tends to be expensive, the on board prices will raise eyebrows - but the quality is generally excellent.


Only bagged folded bikes can be taken aboard these trains (any SJ train) - no other bicycles are permitted.

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As reservations are compulsory the coach/vagn and seat/plats number will be on your ticket/reservation.

What can be tricky, is that despite the need to travel in a specific vagn/coach - the info screens on the platform/track won’t indicate where you should wait on the platform for easy boarding.

But these SJ 3000 trains are only four coaches long - though two trains can be joined together on some departures.

All coaches have a door at each end and an electronic display on the door will indicate the coach/vagn number – as well as the seat/plats numbers that can be most easily accessed by entering through that particular door.

But if need be enter by the nearest door and walk through the train, once your fellow travellers have settled into their places, in order to find your seat.

There is no need to rush as your seat(s) have been assigned to you, so nobody else will be sitting it.

There are no indications in the coaches of which seats have been reserved and which are available - as all seats have been assigned.

If when boarding, you're not happy with the seat(s) you have been allocated - you can ask the conductor, which other seats are available for your journey.

But if you download the SJ app you can select seats when booking tickets.

Quiet zones are available in klass 1 and klass 2.

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